You may not be aware of it, but a lot of people who look for a short-term storage solution end up using the unit for much longer than intended. You may ask: why do so many self storage customers start out thinking that they only need self storage for a short while period, end up using it long term.

In fact, only when the real benefits of this most affordable storage option are discovered, do those using a self storage unit for whatever purpose, realize its universal usefulness. Cost-wise, long-term storage fits neatly into your budget, doesn’t break the bank and is a place one can fall back on for a multitude of purposes.

The larger units offer space that you can walk around in, work in, store things, and make into a second home. Well, having said that, you can’t exactly live in the unit, that is not allowed, but long-term self storage becomes and extension of your home. A lock up and go, a safe place for the purpose that you may need it for, for as long as you like.

At Stop & Store Penrith we offer long access hours to suit the needs of our users, with secure access and privacy for them to use the self storage rental as and when it is needed.

Another convenient factor is that we offer a range of three different sized self-storage units so that during the period of occupation a user can downsize is needed or upsize simply by taking a bigger unit of an additional unit to augment space needs.

Self Storage: Designed for Multipurpose Needs

Long term self storage users are very diverse, homeowners, businesses, and students all find it a solution to their space needs. The ability to have a self storage unit readily available in the cases of emergencies is also appealing.

  • Emergency Situations

These often occur when we are confronted with life changing events and under these circumstances the last thing you need to worry about is where to store things. It could be the death of a relative and it’s required that valuables need protection while you make a plan.

Alternately there could be a split up or sudden need to store possessions cheaply. Long term self storage will be the most affordable way to do this.

  • Bulky equipment, Seasonal and Occasional Use

How often do we find ourselves falling over equipment, sports goods and accessories that are used seasonally and are in the way? This is a common occurrence, and the benefit of long term self storage comes into play to relieve you of the stress of were to put the items when not in use.

Winter gear is safely stored in summer, while summer gear can be put way when not in use when the season is not appropriate.  Some items that are valued, but not used frequently, like a quad bike may be taking up space, and you’d like to keep them elsewhere. Choose a long term self storage rental: it’s the answer.

Your Secret Hideaway

There are occasions in life where you may need a place to do your own thing, whether it’s work or leisure, self storage can work for you. If you are puzzled, let’s explain.

You want to start a new project but want to keep it under wraps until you have taken it to a particular stage. It could be a new business idea, an experiment or trial of some sort that you’d like to keep private. It may require you to be able to focus and concentrate on your goal. This situation is well suited to a long term self storage unit: you can have your “me time” while you pursue your objective.

There is enough space to set up a work area, storage area and when you are done for the day, simply close the doors and go back to your other life.

A Secure Place of Storage

While it could be argued that a garage could be a suitable space to work, it’s true a lot of the time, but any place that others have access can have a security breach at any time. This is also true for business storage, where multiple key holders to a storage area pose a risk to the security of the contents.

As self storage unit, whether for long term or short-term use, is absolutely secure at all times. The reason for this is that a self storage facility is designed with maximum security in mind, From the perimeter fence to the building housing the solid steel containers, our security at stop & Store Penrith is designed to protect our customer’s assets,

All we ask is to bring your own locks, (make that two for double security) that fit on our solid steel bar securing the entrance doors of the containers. The keys are yours, what you do with them is your concern.

Proximity is Key

As you may want to have access to your “second home” frequently, it needs to be nearby, and when you get there, you want to feel welcome. Stop & Store Penrith is just that sort of place. And if you plan to be in for the long term, it helps that we get to know you in order to make you feel part of our family as well.

Our storage facility position is ideal for users in and around the Penrith area, just outside the town, on the A66 makes it within easy reach.

Considering all these factors, you are sure to be thinking creatively about how you could use this very affordable storage option to release you from your shackles and make you space problems go away.

So, the next time you are wondering what to do with excess stuff, or things that are in the way, look at the most flexible option there is. By renting a long term self storage unit you will understand why so many people use them, for both long terms and short term purposes.

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