There is nothing more worrisome than having to be concerned about the safety of your possessions. If you are a business owner, the assets of the business need to be secure at all times. Likewise at home there is always the possibility of something getting pilfered when your goods are left unattended.

Insurance is all well and good, it costs money, and you are covered in the eventuality of something going missing. But when it comes to something of value, not necessarily material value but could be sentimental in nature it could be hard to replace.

One of the conditions of taking insurance is the manner in which the goods that are being insured are stored. A car for example may require a tracking device, while a business warehouse will be required to have an alarm system designed to deter would-be thieves.

What the insurance company is asking for is that the owners of the insured items take adequate steps to safeguard the goods by providing some protection or deterrent against theft.

At Stop & Store Kendal, the design of our self storage unit takes all these requirements into consideration. We provide maximum security of our customer’s stored goods. Our security systems will pass the most rigorous safety test

This has been achieved through the installation of a state-of-the-art security monitoring system, physical access controls, and the advanced features of the self storage units themselves.  Of course, this is what you would expect from a highly reputable self-storage company.

Assuring Safety of Your goods

Mostly, people who rent a self storage unit consider security is the main reason to choose a unit for safe storage of their goods.

As the renter is entrusting the safekeeping of valuables with the service provider, it is important to check out the security issue very carefully. In order to ensure that the self storage facility can be trusted with your goods, first check the reputation of the company. This can be done by scanning reviews on their website and any other independent source available.

When other storage options are considered, whether at a friend’s house, or that of a family member, there is always a risk that something may go missing, notwithstanding whether insured or not.

Stop & Store Kendal is a professional self storage service provider, a company with a number of storage facilities across the UK. Our focus is on the security of your goods. Our Kendal facility is securely fenced, and access controlled.

The solid steel units are secured by means of a heavy duty bar across the door with place for double locks, which you are required to provide. This means only you have the keys to them. Our focus on safety has been the key to our success, and the peace of mind of our self storage unit renters.

Our 24/7 monitoring of the CCTV cameras and regular checks applied to the security fence will make you feel at ease that we assign top priority to security and take no short cuts on the matter.

All of this, combined with our devotion to provide client service excellence, have contributed to our good reputation in the business: check out our reviews to confirm for yourself.

Self Storage Unit: What to Store

The benefits of self storage units are many. The fact that a self storage unit is perfect for the storage of any type of goods is indicative of the security and convenience they offer.

1. Valuables for Storage

Self storage unit is safe for the storage of valuables. We discourage self storage for items like cash or jewelry, where a safety deposit box may be a better storage solution. However self storage units are often used for the storage of art and antiques.

When doing so, best to store artworks upright, while antiques would benefit from some careful packaging or even a layer of furniture oil to preserve them if they are to be stored for a long period.

We don’t allow any hazardous materials into our storage facility, and ask that, if you intend getting materials ready for storage, ensure that no pests accompany the items. For obvious reasons we discourage the storage of food products which could deteriorate in the storage unit and attract vermin.

How to Check Out the Storage Facility Beforehand

While its not always possible to see your storage unit before you rent, and you may be doing the booking at a distance, there are some pertinent questions you can ask that will help assure you that you are choosing the right service provider:

  • The Company and its Professionalism. You can gauge a lot on the phone by the level of interest and the eagerness of the Company to assist you. Check the website and see what others have to say about their storage experiences.
  • Security: ask about how the storage facility is secured, whether it is monitored 24/7 and how access is controlled.
  • Pest control, dryness, and temperature. Your storage unit should be insulated to ensure ambient temperature inside, and it has to be pest free and dry. Ask about these issues as this could affect the contents if not in place.

Check the issue of insurance

We always advise renters to take insurance, even though we expect the goods to be completely safe while in storage. The cost of insuring in relation to the worth of the goods stored is a faction, so it seems foolhardy not to take the extra precaution.

How to Rent a Self Storage Unit in Kendal

If you would like to secure a storage unit in Kendal, simply go online at and make your enquiry. Once we have your details, we can process your agreement. On payment for the month (which we will prorate if you join during the month) plus an additional refundable £45 security deposit, you will be assigned access, as quick as you like it to be.

Thereafter we will deduct your monthly storage fee from your card.

As the time draws close to opening of our new storage facility in Kendal, we hope to hear from you. Plan ahead and give us a call.

The new Stop & Store Kendal is located at the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

We allow access from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

Contact us on 01539 766277