After a challenging year, let’s pick ourselves up and reinvent our lives! It may be a new career, taking a holiday or simply looking at ways to make our lives more exciting. And its not that difficult: it just takes a bit of effort and a large dose of positive vibes.

No doubt many have been cooped up with family under restrictive conditions, having changed the way of life from what we have been used to.

One of the great ways to have a little more time to yourself is to pursue a new hobby or to revive an existing one.

Do Something Crafty

Firstly, a hobby is something you enjoy. Rule number one: it must give you pleasure. Secondly it should take you into the “zone” where you think of nothing but what you are doing. Thirdly it should challenge you. It could even be a craft, or something that requires a new set of skills. Why not give it a try?

Fix up Something at Home

One of the easiest hobbies could be DIY. This means that you could start right there at home. Perhaps make something to store your tools in so that they are easily accessible. Next could be a minor renovation that is within your reach and adds value to the household. The garden offers many opportunities for DIY and creating a new area for relaxation is a nice project to embark on.

Build a Classic Car

There is nothing as rewarding as fixing up an old derelict car that was fashionable in the old days. Adding extras and restoring it to its former glory, then driving it proudly down a country lane will give you the thrill of your life.

Be aware that not everyone will share your enthusiasm to do so, and often the hurdle is where you actually do the restoration. Your better half is sure to comment about having a pile of scrap arriving at the house! Nevertheless, don’t be put off! Hire a self-storage unit and do the restoration there: in peace and quiet.

Finding an old car that is 50 or more years old to fix up is a bit of a gamble. Make sure it has an engine to start. This will save you a heap of hassles later down the line. If you are DIY mechanic, get going on the engine first after all this is potentially the most expensive part.


Doing woodwork as a hobby is one of the most therapeutic and creative things you could engage yourself in. Whether you make new items or simply restore old wooden art, woodwork is about the ability to craft wood successfully using your hands.

As wood and equipment takes a lot of space, a self storage unit could be the answer for you.

Go Outdoors

Having an outdoor hobby is healthy as it often involves exercise and breathing in crisp fresh air. In order to take hiking, skiing or camping seriously, you need all the right equipment to do so.

If fishing is your hobby, then graduate from the lonely spells on the beach, or the rocks at the side of the lake and invest in a boat so that you can go and find the fish and catch ‘em. And hey, don’t let the ”where am I going to keep the boat?” question deter you. Do like many other boat owners, keep it in self- storage.


As a hobby, photography is one of the most popular there is. You are sure to find many similar minded people who are prepared to share their knowledge with you. If photography is coupled with an interest, say, birds, then your hobby can become twice as rewarding.

Get yourself to attend a few workshops, learn about the intricacies involved, and you will see how quickly you become good at it.

Flower arranging

Many florists started as keen gardeners, having an interest in the beauty of flowers. Flower arranging is a very worthwhile and creative hobby, which also could lead to you starting your own florist business.

It’s cheap and easy to start, very relaxing and greatly admired by those that don’t have the skill to arrange flowers like you can.

Learning about it is freely available on the internet on You Tube or simply by being in the presence of others that have the skill. Give it a try!

Lastly, Find Someone to Do It With

The most fun to be had with a hobby is the comradeship when you share it with others. Not only do you learn from others, but groups help encourage you to strengthen your interest and knowledge about your chosen hobby.

The whole experience of sharing with others also has a social aspect. Meet new friends, attend talks, go on expeditions or shows, it’s a way to stimulate your mind and help destress.

By allocating a part of your day to your hobby you can switch off and engross yourself in your new interest and take yourself from the nitty gritty and worries associated with daily activities.

Final Thoughts 

Don’t let space be the limiting factor for your hobby. Be prepared to expand and think out of the box when it comes to using a storage unit. Rentals are short term for the amount of space required, from 12 sq feet to 200 sq feet, you choose. No long-term contracts to bind you either.

Take the pressure off your storage space at home by doing so, and you will find self- storage units a peaceful place to work in.

Self-storage is actually much cheaper than you will have imagined. Enquire at Stop & Store Fareham to find out which your best option is for accommodating the space needs for your hobby. We will gladly give you the answers that you are looking for so that you can decide whether to use a self-storage unit to hold your hobby stock.

At Stop & Store our units are secure, monitored by CCTV 24/7 and only you have access to your unit whenever you need it.

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