An unexpected snowstorm can drench your outside areas in minutes thereby damaging your tools and garden furniture. Many of us have been caught this way by not taking the precaution of safely storing them as winter approaches. Maybe you don’t have space anywhere for these bulky items, which is why it’s happened to you. Well, be wise, and use self storage, it’s a perfect storage solution.

Because tools have working parts and many pieces of furniture are made of delicate materials, exposure to snow, frost, wind, or rain can result in severe damage to them. Even a cover won’t protect them from the extremes of temperature, so to be safe, finding a secure place to store them is your answer.

Winter months always seem long and cold, and as the days start to get shorter it’s a sign that plant growth will be slowing down and less needs to be done in the garden.

While you may be relieved at the respite, and have more time on your hands, freed up from garden activities. However, your precious garden tools will need to be in an environment free of moisture. So, what is the best storage solution for your garden tools?

Storage Answers for Garden Tools

Bringing them in from the outside environment will mean that a dry and secure place will be required to store them over the winter months. After all, they shouldn’t be exposed to freezing conditions and rain.

This includes the lawnmower, gardening equipment, the tools used around the house and all the materials like fertilizers and herbicides used in garden maintenance.

For many of us space may be at a premium and bringing in all these garden accessories into the house or garage may not be practical. It may be advisable to build a small shed to accommodate everything, or better still do a self storage rental in Penrith.

A convenient storage facility on the outskirts of town is Stop & Store Penrith, where there is a range of self storage unit sizes available. As you are unlikely to be needing these tools over the winter months, by doing so, you will have the assurance that your garden tools are out of the way and in safe storage nearby.

When storing machine driven equipment like a lawnmower, remember to drain the fuel over this period to prevent any damage to the mechanisms. Ideally it is best to have these pieces of equipment out of the house, even though you may consider an attic or cupboard, consider what may occur: You don’t want unpleasant odours or the potential of leaking oil or fuel contaminating any of your furniture, floors, or surfaces.

Storage Answers for Outside Furniture

In order to maintain the condition of your furniture over the winter months preparatory work is required before the cold and wet sets in. After all, keeping the value and look of the outdoor furniture in your garden is your prime concern.

  • Metal Furniture

There is possibly nothing worse than having your metal furniture starting to rust because of the external conditions that it is exposed to. Once rust sets in it needs to be treated correctly in order to stop it spreading.

But why not prevent rust altogether by finding a storage solution when the weather turns bad? Then there will be no need to have to get the rust removed and you’re having to restore the metal to its original condition.

  • Wooden Furniture

Wood is even more prone to deterioration under adverse weather conditions. Depending on how it is sealed, water, in particular, can start the rotting process. As wooden furniture gets used, the sealant starts to wear off, exposing the wood to depreciating circumstances.

Therefore, wooden furniture must definitely not be exposed to the harshness of winter and should be brought into storage. For the affordable amount that a storage rental charges, the benefits of self storage far outweigh the decision not to store outside furniture in a unit.

Be wise with outside garden furniture that is made of wood and do the right thing, otherwise, it won’t last into the next summer season.

  • Wicker Furniture

This is a popular form of outside garden furniture and is also prone to deterioration when not looked after, especially in winter. Rattan or wicker can crack easily and fray at the edges, spoiling the look and design.

It is wise to be as vigilant with wicker furniture as you would be with wooden furniture and keep these pieces completely out of the way of winter weather.

  • Plastic Furniture

While plastic may be more durable than other materials such as wood, exposure of plastic to adverse weather can cause fading and warping. Best is to avoid this and store plastic furniture under cover somewhere.

Good Storage Suggestions for Your Tools and Furniture

The common theme that runs through the deterioration of garden tools and outdoor furniture is dampness or exposure to water. Whether it is rust or rot, water is the prime cause.

Furniture is also covered with material and has cushions that also need protection. Thus, it stands to reason that these must be removed before anything else, and stored correctly, indoors. Fabric is susceptible to damage easily and is the first to show signs of fading or wear and tear.

Dryness is a hallmark of a good self storage unit. A reputable self storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith will be able to guarantee a clean dry environment free of moisture.

In addition, the storage room must be pest free. Again, that is assured in self storage, where protocols are in place.

Lastly the storage room must be secure. It’s no good someone unauthorized having access to your possessions and then sitting on the furniture or using some of the equipment. Self storage provides this safe environment.

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