If you have access to a garden, now is the time to get out and enjoy it. Many of us neglect our gardens over the winter, but with the weather getting warmer and longer hours of daylight creeping in, it’s time to give your outside space a little TLC. Garden Furniture Storage.

Long grass, weeds and wayward branches might now be cluttering up your outside space, but there are other reasons that your garden might be feeling cramped. Our clever garden storage hacks can help you on your way to a green oasis that you can enjoy all summer long.

What’s So Great About the Garden?

If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that having your own outdoor space is a luxury. After being confined to our houses for much of the year, being able to set foot outside in a private garden means you don’t need to rely on parks or public spaces to get some sunshine and fresh air.

But even before COVID-19, scientists had confirmed that getting outside is good for our health. Going for walks can lower our blood pressure and reduce anxiety, but being in the garden has many of its own positive effects. Spending time gardening is proven to increase the quality of life and reduce depression. It can also reduce the body mass index. In fact, a study in 2016 concluded that regular gardening could improve public health.

Having a garden is also great for wildlife. Hedgehogs, sparrows, song thrushes and bats are all declining in the UK, but having a nature-friendly garden could benefit these species.

Garden Storage Hacks

It might seem hard to feel much joy or see potential homes for wildlife if your garden is currently covered in kids’ toys, garden tools or items destined for the tip. However, by trying a few simple hacks, you could have your garden cleared and ready to enjoy for the whole summer ahead.

Toys and Games

Over lockdown, you may have invested in numerous garden toys and games to keep the kids occupied whilst at home. These often end up strewn across the garden, and can take up a surprising amount of space.

One simple hack is to upcycle, or purchase, a garden storage bench. If you plan to upcycle, an old bookcase is ideal. Lie the bookcase on its back, and attach a new wooden lid. The toys will be contained between the shelves, and the lid creates a seat for your children to rest on in between playing.

Storage benches can be used for anything from tennis rackets to footballs and skittles. If your bench is large enough, you could even store the deflated paddling pool inside.


Storage benches can also be a more affordable way of accommodating some comfortable seating in your garden. If you have a small courtyard garden without space for a table, your bench can double up as somewhere to store toys or equipment, and also be a comfortable place to sit. Simply add a cushion to the top of the storage bench and enjoy your outdoor oasis.

Gardening Equipment

Once you’ve started gardening, you can quickly acquire a large collection of equipment. Although sheds are a great space, they are rarely sold with interior storage solutions. Luckily, it’s easy to make the space inside your shed work harder for you.

A cheap collection of shelves can be affixed to the inside of the shed, giving storage for tools, paint tins or garden bulbs. Rather than buy new, you could use social media to see if anyone local to you has any surplus planks of wood that could act as a shelf. Add a set of brackets, and you’ll have wall storage in your shed in no time.

Hooks can be used to hang gardening spades and forks. If your shed is large enough, you could even use heavy-duty fixings to hang bikes vertically, leaving you with precious floor space for wheelbarrows and lawnmowers.

Potting Bench

If you need somewhere to stretch your green fingers, make your own potting bench out of an old dresser. These can often be picked up cheaply online or at furniture reclamation yards. The lower cupboard can be used to store compost, pots, trowels and dibbers, whilst the top can be used for potting your plants. This is a great way of freeing up space in the shed, or organising items that would otherwise be scattered around the garden.

An old potting bench is not only functional but can be a creative and rustic addition to your outdoor space, too.

Simple Hacks

If you have a rotary washing line that takes up garden space, consider a wall-mounted line. Whether you choose a long line or a wall fixed rotary-style dryer, the washing line can be retracted into the wall so that it doesn’t take up as much space when not in use.

Apart from when you are watering the garden, hosepipes are often left abandoned in a heap. Drilling a large hook into a wall means you can hang the hosepipe neatly when it is not in use. This also means it is less likely to become damaged, and will no longer be a trip hazard.

Seasonal Items

Some items are just not needed all year round, but they can take up a significant amount of space. Garden tables, loungers, cushions, barbeques and sledges are all bulky items that can get in the way out of season.

Unless you have a large storage area such as a garage, you may feel you have no choice but to leave them outside all year round. Unfortunately, in harsh weather conditions, your furniture can become damaged or age more quickly.

Renting a budget storage unit could be the ideal solution. With competitive storage unit prices, Stop and Store in Fareham is a great place to securely store your seasonal items.  If you are considering renting storage for garden items, you could also use your unit to store seasonal household items including camping equipment, skis or Christmas decorations.

If you don’t have enough space to keep your garden uncluttered all year round, renting a household storage unit could be just what you need.

With units ranging in size from 12 to 200 square feet, you can choose the right size unit for your items. We offer 24 hours monitored CCTV and intruder alarms, giving you peace of mind that your items will be in safe hands.

To reserve your affordable storage unit in Fareham, book online today or call us on 01329 556174 for more information. Garden Furniture Storage.