What we like to do is to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and ask the question: why choose Stop & Store Penrith self storage facility over all the other self storage choices available in the region?

At Stop & Store Penrith, we’re always listening to our customers. We regularly do self-checks of our service levels as a storage facility to make sure we are on the right track. In doing so we get ongoing guidance for our business to help us maintain the high standards that we aim for.

In this way we can ensure that we have the best self storage facility in Penrith town itself and provide great service to the surrounding communities.

It means asking the hard questions about all the key elements that make up a good self storage facility, like security, professional staff, good access, and convenient location.

Self storage is a very convenient method of offloading your storage problems to someone else. But do you know how to choose the right self storage facility? You may think it’s difficult to differentiate one self storage facility from another, after all they all seem similar.

But when you are entrusting an outsider with all your valuable possessions, you must make sure that the self storage facility that you choose is the right one.

When do you need self storage facility?

There are so many occasions that you might need a self storage unit to lock up and go without worrying about whether your things are safe or not. Sometimes you will need a self storage unit in a hurry. We’re there for you when unexpected emergencies arise

This could be because of a change in circumstances, a breakup, divorce or even a death in the family. Under these conditions you’d want to have the peace of mind that the possessions are in a secure self storage locker.

For businesses, a big spike in sales could result in having to invest in additional stock, which needs to be controlled and kept safe. If there isn’t enough space at work, then having 60 sq feet extra on hand, the normal size of a self storage unit, is just what you need.

People often need self storage even for a planned move or a holiday trip, where you know well in advance that extra storage would be the solution to keeping items safe. This could be while you enjoy a holiday or rent a furnished apartment while you look for another place. By planning your storage, you’re solving your problems before they arise.

What Do Self Storage Facility Customers Want? 

To find the best storage facility, look for a few key indicators so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Safety

It may be hard to know the details about the security a particular self storage facility provides without physically going to see the site yourself. By asking the right questions you should be able to get a good picture. This includes the way in which the storage facility is fenced, the access control and how the premises are monitored throughout the day.

  • Service commitment

Reviews help a lot, so look on the website of the storage facility company and see what others have to say. Pick up the phone and assess for yourself if the personnel are friendly and helpful. A caring staff could be the difference between your possessions being safe or damaged.

  • Location

Find out where the storage facility is, as you will not want to travel too far to offload pick up. Besides, you may want to go there from time to time to fetch some things or even do some work from the self storage unit.

  • Price vs value for money

You want the best at a good price. Remember that cheap is not necessarily the best so combine the three values above and see if you can have the best of both worlds. Ask about how the charges work, does your self storage facility prorate if you move in during the month, and what are the benefits for storing long-term?

Right Now, you are Ready to Relocate your Possessions

Armed with this information, you can make your move. Best use the professionals when taking your packed goods to storage, they know how to handle everything.

Pack with care allowing adequate time to do so. Wrap furniture and appliances to protect them against damage. In this way your goods are organized and secure from the time they leave your home or business until you get them back again.

If you are concerned that the contract with the storage facility will mean that you are tied into a long-term arrangement, make sure you ask the right questions ahead of time.

At Stop & Store Penrith, the great thing is that you don’t have to commit yourself to a term so you can move out when you like, just having to pay a month at a time.

Get Down to Stop & Store Penrith

Now that you have realized that it is not difficult to make sure your goods are securely stored, a self storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith is sure to suit your needs.

As a reputable storage facility located on the outskirts of Penrith on the A66, we’re super easy to reach. So, look no further when you need a storage unit.

Book a self storage unit by going online or calling us. Once we have your details, we draw up an agreement for you to sign.

Once you have made your first month’s payment the work is done. From here we give you access to your unit, and you can move in. As simple as that! A contract is drawn up for your signature and when payment is received we send you your access code, and you are in!

Take advantage of our specials and be assured that there are no onerous contracts or deposits required.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/