There are many times during life when we may need to organise additional storage for our household belongings.

  • It may be a life changing event such as moving in with your partner or divorcing from a partner when additional household storage is required. The birth of a baby also requires some decisions regarding making space in the home.
  • You may have lost a member of your family and you need to downsize, or you have reached retiring age and need a smaller house.
  • Your children may be moving out of the family home into their own spaces and your living arrangements need changing.
  • You may be setting up to run a new business from home or need to create a home office space to work from.
  • You might have decided to set up a spare room or two into a rental unit for holiday or permanent lets.

Whatever the reason, your house will require decluttering, and you will need some storage solutions to make space for your new venture or your changing situation. Decluttering is a process that will simplify one’s life while facing up to and sorting out our possessions that we may no longer have any use for and that we have often put off dealing with.

  • A big source of clutter that will need sorting out is our accumulated paperwork. Even though we may be more digital with many of our documents stored electronically, there is always plenty of paperwork to be sorted through. Tax forms, financial documents, medical records, wills, and important personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, and medical cards need to be stored safely and in an organised way so that you can find them when you need to.If you do not have a safe place to store these at home, consider one of the small units at Stop & Store Fareham. The smallest one we have is 12sq ft and is the perfect size for storing your important records and files containing paperwork safely. You will be able to access it anytime you need to as our hours are 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. Your important documents will be kept safe from loss or burglary by our excellent security features.
  • Beginning to declutter your possessions is a daunting task, so make it easier on yourself and begin with one of the smaller rooms such as a bathroom, or that cupboard we all have which everything that does not have a designated place is dumped. Start different bins for the categories of items that you wish to throw out, recycle and donate, place in storage, or keep. These 4 bins or piles of items will help you focus on the task at hand. The items that you wish to recycle or donate could also be sold online to raise some cash.For the items that you need to store, Stop & Store Fareham offer both short term and long-term rentals and will store any of your belongings safely and at a good price for as long as you need.
  • When you decide to move in together as a couple, you will need to make decisions regarding your furniture as you are sure to have duplicate items. Some couples decide it is wise to place these items in storage before selling or donating them to allow a bit of time to test the relationship. Self-storage is a cost-effective option for extra household storage of these items, and you can always revisit this decision and sell them at a later date.
  • When you downsize for retirement, there are many decisions to be made regarding which belongings to keep and which to get rid of. Many of these have sentimental value which add to the difficulty.Downsizing also doesn’t only happen in old age. Many homeowners are choosing to downsize for economic reasons so essentially they also need to make these decisions about whether to store extra furniture and belongings in case they need them at some stage in the future. Replacement value is always higher than what can be obtained from the sale of secondhand household goods, so self-storage may be the best option in giving the homeowners time to decide which route to take.

Why Choose Stop & Store Fareham

At Stop & Store Fareham we can assist you when you need extra household storage for your belongings. We realise how quickly the clutter can collect, making it difficult to keep your house in order. A self-storage unit at our facility could offer the perfect solution to your household storage problems.

  • Apply online for one of our units using our state-of-the-art operating system, and once we receive your payment, we will email your individual PIN which will allow immediate access to your unit. This cuts out dealing with time-consuming paperwork before your move-in day.
  • Rest assured that your goods will be safe as our facility is protected by monitored CCTV cameras 7 days a week, intruder alarms.
  • The units are steel partitioned, lockable rooms and are dry and safe to keep your belongings from being damaged by moisture or pests.
  • Hire a unit for your short term or long term, business, or personal storage needs.

If you move your goods in during the month, you pay a pro rate.

  • We offer a variety of sizes, so whether you need to store something small or large like a household of furniture, choose from a 12 sq ft to a 200 sq ft unit.
  • Check out the space calculator on our website to help you choose the correct size.
  • We rent out reusable, eco-friendly plastic boxes to house movers or to business movers. They are stackable and you can hire a set of dollies to wheel them around easily. When you are finished with them, return them to us.

We are conveniently situated in the Thackeray Mall in town.

Address: Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham PO16 0PQ, United Kingdom

Tel: 01329 556174