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    Stop and Store also rent green, reusable, eco-friendly plastic boxes to house movers in Fareham and the surrounding area. You will save money and time, while protecting your possessions and the environment.

    You can order and pick up your plastic boxes from Stop and Store, Fareham, which is conveniently located in the Fareham Shopping Centre.

    We provide clean, stackable, plastic moving boxes for both home and commercial moves. All you need to do is fill your moving boxes, move to your new home or office and return them to Stop and Store.

    Commercial Moves

    Are You Managing Your Office Move?

    Stop and Store can help. Using Plastic moving crates will save time and money. Plastic moving crates are stronger than cardboard boxes, no need to build and break down cardboard boxes anymore. They come with fitted trollies making it easier to roll them around the office.

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    They won’t collapse like cardboard boxes. Our moving boxes are made of durable plastic which is crush-proof, and water resistant. Our plastic boxes are designed to stack efficiently.

    You will not need to waste time buying, building and breaking down moving boxes. You know how you have to find the end of the packing tape, and build the box, only to have to do it again when you want to close it up?

    What if you forget what’s in them, or you want to add something to a closed box. Our boxes have attached hinged lids that are easy to open and securely close.

    You may be thinking “How many boxes will I need?” A good rule of thumb is to allocate 3 boxes (and one dolly) per employee, however there is a large variation depending on the type of business you are in. If you need to keep many documents in physical form, you will need additional boxes for moving office. If your business stores files in electronic form, then you will need less crates.