When thinking of renting a self storage unit there will be some homework to be done to ensure that you are getting the best deal and the right storage facility for your needs. While it may appear that every self storage facility is the same, this is certainly not the case.

Here we discuss what to look for when renting a self storage facility. This goes beyond just getting a good deal or one nearby saving you time and money on the rental and the journey there. Yes, that is important, but there are numerous other issues to take into consideration.

We offer some useful guidelines to help you make the right decision when considering a self storage rental. Once these have been researched, the information will certainly ensure that you have peace of mind about your choice and consequently the safety of your possessions.

While there may be a number to choose from in your area, Stop & Store Penrith is renowned for its quality of service and its secure and up-to-date storage facility in Cumbria.

Let’s look at the factors to look for when thinking about renting a self storage unit.

Safety and Security with Self Storage

The first thing to look for in a self storage facility before renting a self storage unit is security. This encompasses external and internal security and the procedures followed by the storage facility. After all, the premises need to be always secure, and most good self storage facilities do that by means of a monitoring system, often a network of security cameras.

A good self storage unit company will have secure perimeter fencing and controlled access. The storage units could, for extra security, be in an enclosed building, offering extra protection for the renters.

Either way, before going ahead with your rental, check these out. If you can’t get to the premises yourself, then ask the right questions. The best way to do that is to call the storage facility you have in mind. It will also help you get an impression of how the place is managed and the professionalism of the staff.

For Stop & Store Penrith security is right up there as one of the most important criteria for choosing our self storage facility over another- which is why we use state-of-the-art monitoring and have all the security protocols in place.

Accessibility and Convenience

One wonderful thing about a self storage rental is that it is all yours to use as and when you need it. By this, we mean that the unit you rent is there to do whatever you need to and is available whenever required. So, naturally having it nearby and open at times when you are likely to go there is important.

For many the extended working hours are sufficient, but it’s good to check. Stop & Store Penrith, for example, is open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 6 pm, giving renters every opportunity to use their units at a convenient time for them.

Location, of course, is also critical, as a renter wouldn’t wish to travel too far to the storage unit. So, positioning the storage facility within easy reach of the market is what would encourage would-be renters to come there.

Size matters: Make the Right Choice while Renting Self Storage Unit

The next parameter to consider is the size unit that you would need. Bearing in mind that the pricing is mostly determined by the cubic footage you need, while the rental duration may also have an influence on the price paid for the storage unit rental.

This said the variety of unit sizes offered by the self storage company is a further consideration to consider. Ensure that you are not wasting money by renting a unit that is too big for your load, while also not being too small for your needs.

Stop & Store Penrith for example, has three different unit sizes offering the renter good options. On your side, it is advantageous to know how big your load is in cubic feet. However, if you are in doubt call the facility first and they will help you.

Freedom of Extra Space

Making space for yourself creates a lot of freedom to do something else with that extra space. For example, clearing an area at home or at work creates an opportunity to expand the living or office areas. Once old or unused items are out of the way the new area can be redecorated and made to look new too.

The useful thing about putting unused stuff into a self storage unit is that these goods are not lost to you. They can be used later if needed. Also, you are not in a rush to sell them when there is no immediate need for them. The affordable storage cost justifies the decision to do so, and, in many cases, self storage is the cheapest option that there is.

So next time you think it is impossible to expand or to find a way to create more space for yourself, don’t hesitate to choose a self storage rental to help you do so.

Peace of Mind that Self Storage Rental Provides

Having space that can be rented nearby gives a lot of peace of mind. But there is more to this kind of rental, as it’s also one of the most convenient. In addition to being nearby, it is affordable.

With Stop & Store Penrith the location ensures easy access from most directions and is situated on the A66 near the town of Penrith.

With the emphasis on maintaining strict security measures, such a self storage rental also provides the peace of mind that the contents will be safe there for the duration of their stay.

Perfect for home storage or business storage needs, a choice of unit sizes also gives the flexibility to ensure a precise fit for the storage of loads.

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