In the minds of many people a self storage facility is not really an interesting place. Self storage units are lined up in rows all with securely locked doors providing storage space for their client’s belongings. Self-storage however needn’t be boring, and their use can be multi-dimensional.

Behind every locked door lies a valid reason why the client has chosen to find more storage space in the self storage unit. It doesn’t happen by chance, and to go to the trouble of signing up for extra space and moving in has taken some effort.

Whether it’s to store granny’s furniture when she moved into frail care or to find a place to set up a small business, the range of uses a self storage unit provides will surprise you.

Some of the best reasons to use a storage unit are the affordable price, the security, and the ease of access. But that’s not all: there are many hidden advantages that most people don’t think about, and when this is known, it opens up the opportunity for making far more use of the storage space a storage facility offers.

Our clients at Stop & Store Penrith continue to discover this, as we see a wider and wider range of uses for our facility emerging. Here the Stop & Store storage facility is very conveniently located on the outskirts of the town and is designed to provide a versatile storage experience.

Versatility of Storage Units

The first thing to do is not to envisage a self storage unit as a box that is locked with stuff in it. Look laterally at the opportunity that piece of space provides in order to help you make the most of the storage space that is there.

As a secure metal container with strong doors locked by means of a secure bar accommodating two locks, you can be assured that whatever is in there is completely safe!

But it’s more than a metal container. At Stop & Store Penrith our self-storage units are lined with thermal insulation, thereby ensuring that they remain at ambient temperature. This implies that when you are working inside the unit, you will not be experiencing any discomfort. This is a big advantage as often the perception of a self storage unit is that it’s an uncomfortable place to work in.

Second is that it is big enough to work in, being 2.8 meters long and 2 meters wide, it can easily accommodate storage along the walls and have a working table down the middle. Then of course you can comfortably stand in the unit as it is 2 meters high.

Now that you know what size you are working in, and that it is not a soulless empty place, you can make it an enjoyable place to engage in whatever you have in mind.

Self Storage Uses

Now that we have opened your mind to the versatility of self storage here a few more pointers that could help you explore the possibilities that this kind of storage offers.

One of the nagging doubts you may have when wanting to “experiment” with a self storage unit, particularly if you are a first-time user, is the duration of occupancy. You may be asking the question “do I have to sign a long lease?”

The answer is no, and that’s that advantage of self storage: you can rent for a month at a time, whatever suits you. Often you may find, as with Stop & Store that there are discounts on offer for longer occupancies, in our case if you rent for longer than 2 months, you could get the first two months at half price. This effectively gives you one of those months for free. That’s a real bargain in anyone’s language!

A small office

If you would like to extend your work from home to include your operational activities, working for some hours in the day in the storage unit, you have absolute privacy to do so. Combine your stock and distribution activities, and use the workspace to do some mechanical work and packing.

You would be surprised to know how many successful businesses started in a garage, and the great thing is doing it this way you have minimal risk in doing so.

A workshop

You may fancy DIY and doing some building for yourself. This is where you need space and some “me” time where you can work unhindered and make your own mess without being nagged to clean up by others. If this sounds familiar, then what better than a self storage unit where you can do your project in your own time.

Make Some Music

Looking for some space where you and your friends can practice your music? Setting up your equipment in self storage unit and making a noise in a place that offers you the freedom to do so is a real benefit that you can’t find often. A small music studio will fit into this space and offer you the opportunity to pursue your passion here.

Amaze Yourself: Think Laterally about Self Storage Space

Now that you’ve been given the stimulus to think about the possibilities of using a self storage unit for your ideas, we hope you like the new found freedom. You can make the most of your life when you rent a self storage unit to get extra space, you will not have any impediments to your ideas either.

Just check your idea with the storage facility, there may be some boundaries if your idea is a little crazy. Just give us a call to check it out.

When You Need a Storage Unit in Cumbria

If you are in the Cumbria looking for a storage facility which ticks all the right boxes, Stop & Store is your answer. We are located on the outskirts of Penrith on the A66, easily accessible to for storage in Hutton John, Penruddock, Thacktwaite, Troutbeck, Stainton, Newbiggin, Sockbridge, Barton, Redhills, Flusco, Greystoke, Motherby, Threlkeld, Keswick, Watermillock, Pooley Bridge, Yanwath, Pategill, Farihill, Eamont Bridge, Clifton, and Newton Rigg.

Whatever your dreams are, make the most of storage space using self-storage as your partner to convert them into reality.

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