Contrary to what anyone may think, the cost of self storage is very affordable. But there are ways to make self storage even cheaper! All you need to do is to be clever and think about a few strategic ways to do so. No matter if storage is needed for business or personal use, there are always ways to save money on storage fees.

This is good news for sure, and all you need to do is to be aware of them.  And when you know about them, you’ll thank us for the heads up and put extra money in your pocket. It will mean starting with some planning and getting yourself organized, and then the benefits will soon come your way.

Here we look at some ways to save money on storage fees, starting with the alternatives that are at your disposal and you’ll realize why self storage beats most other storage options hands down.

Generally, self storage facilities that are in country towns, rather than cities, are cheaper. This is simply a factor in the cost of property and establishment in city areas. As you would expect, in the Cumbria countryside for example, storage costs are far cheaper per cubic foot than in the City of London.

This is why anyone coming to the area would save more money renting at a storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith, one of the most respected in the area. However, it’s not just about signing up for a rental unit, as there are a range of other factors to consider:

Ways to Save Money When Renting a Storage Unit

Here are some useful tips to save money when renting a storage unit:

  • Store only what is necessary.

    By this, we mean do not store things that are not needed and that simply clutter up your self storage unit. This will ensure that you are using the optimal amount of space necessary, and not wasting money unnecessarily.

  • Pack wisely

    Self storage facilities offer a range of sizes, all of which are priced accordingly. This means that to save money on storage, the way you pack your unit will help make optimal use of space. Packing often takes a bit longer than planned and you don’t want to rush it or not do the preparation properly.

  • Choose the correct size unit.

    The best way to choose the right-sized unit is to know how much you want to store. As pricing is done according to cubic feet measurements, by determining your load size in cubic meters you should be able to match the space to the load size.

    It may not be as easy as this, however, and if you have some issues calculating your load size, the best option is to seek advice. The best source of advice will be the staff at the storage facility. As trained professionals, they would be able to help you.

    Even an inventory list, for example, would be a good guide for them to do the calculation. So, by doing this you will also save money on storage and reduce the cost of self storage by choosing the correct unit size option.

  • Share a Unit

    Although sharing a unit could have its challenges, by doing so you could save yourself some money. This is particularly applicable where your load is unavoidably small and is too big for the smallest-sized unit.

    By offering the extra space to a friend or relative some savings could be made on your storage costs.

  • Take a storage unit rental nearby.

    Fuel of course costs money, and if you are going to be visiting your self storage unit often, then it pays to take a rental unit nearby. This will also save you time, as well as money.

 Make Extra Money for the Space Created.

As good as saving money is making extra money. So now your goods are in cheap storage, why not use the extra space created to make money?

  • Create Rental Income

    Doing so by making better use of the space-whether a garage or wing of the house- that is cleared to make a rental income is a good way of making extra money. Whether for long-term or short-term stays, professionals on assignments or students, the demand is always there. In this way, you are effectively swapping a cheap storage means-self storage- for a higher income use of the space.

    Looking at your possessions differently – the tools, seasonal equipment, and other less used possessions that may even be in your way – and finding an alternate place of storage could earn you unexpected extra income.

Find the Right Self Storage Partner and Save Money on Storage Fees

At Stop & Store Penrith our philosophy is that our customers should get the best deal possible. Our prices are highly competitive, and we aim to fit into your budget. Talk to us about special offers which may be on the table at the time.

Besides ensuring that you pay no more than necessary by renting the correct size option (we have three size options to offer), we also ask you to consider the duration of your stay.

Self-storage contracts run monthly, but if it is long term storage that you are considering there may be some financial offer in the form of a discount to reward you for staying with us for an extended period.

No matter if you use self storage for personal or business storage, we will ensure that your costs are to your satisfaction by offering you all the advice needed to work within your budget. We trust some of these tips will prepare you and provide you with a satisfactory storage experience.

Give us a call on our office number, which is 01768 800291 and for further information our website details are: