Finding a self storage unit to suit your needs will depend on what it is you want to store. Do you just need to store one or two items of furniture or a few boxes for a few weeks? Or do you need to store your entire household of furniture while you go on a sabbatical for a year?  You won’t need to give much thought as to how you pack your storage unit if it is only a few items for a short space of time as you will only need a storage unit large enough to fit your belongings, and you won’t need any extra space.

If you have a lot of items or even a household of goods to store you will need to give more thought as to how to optimize your use of space. How you pack matters if you need to be able to find and retrieve any of your belongings easily whilst they are in storage. You want to have enough space to move around as you do not want to unpack half your storage unit just to access a box near the back.

10 Tips for You to Follow When Packing a Storage Unit

There are certain packing techniques that will allow you to make the most of your unit and keep it organised.

  1. Don’t pack your self storage unit from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall if there is any chance that you will be needing to retrieve something while your belongings are in storage.
  2. Choose a storage unit large enough so that you can leave a narrow gap down the middle which will give you the extra space to move around easily if you need to access an item near the back.
  3. Adding some temporary shelving will allow you to use the vertical space as well. Placing pallets or a tarpaulin on the ground will keep your goods off the floor, allow air to circulate and minimize the risk of moisture seeping into your stored items.
  4. Choose your packing boxes with care. These will keep your belongings safe.
  5. Pack your large and bulky items at the back of the storage unit. This will help keep your unit organised with no danger of something you need being lost behind something large.
  6. If your furniture can be broken down or if it has removable legs it is a good idea to disassemble it before storing.  Store any bolts or fasteners in a Ziploc bag which you can label and stick to the piece of furniture it belongs to.
  7. Sturdy pieces of furniture can form a base to stack other items on. Protect the surfaces with thick blankets or plastic to prevent scratches and dents. Pack clothes and linen in drawers to save on the number of boxes. Fill the spaces and gaps under tables and even inside your fridge or freezer with smaller items or boxes.
  8. Pack heavy boxes at the bottom to keep your stacks stable. The last thing you want is a pile of boxes toppling over, bursting open, and scattering your belongings everywhere.
  9. Pack items that you intend coming back for in the front of your storage unit for easy access.
  10. Label each box in detail so that you know at a glance which room it comes from but even more importantly, what is in the box. This will prove useful if you intend storing your goods for any length of time because it is easy to lose track of your belongings. Create an inventory which you can print out and keep on a clipboard near the entrance to your storage unit. This is a good way of keeping a record of what you take out, and what you add to your unit.

Why Choose Stop & Store Fareham to Solve Your Storage Needs

At Stop & Store Fareham we can assist you with any of your storage needs. We have storage units in a variety of sizes on offer. It is worth checking out our website for any price specials that are currently available on our units.

  • Our state-of-the-art operating system makes it very easy to secure a storage unit. Book and pay online, and once we receive your payment, we email you your individual PIN code which allows you immediate access to your storage unit.
  • You need never be concerned about the safety of your goods. The security systems we have in place at our facility are amongst the best in the business, so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe from theft as our facility is protected by monitored CCTV cameras 7 days a week, intruder alarms, and limited access.
  • Our storage units are steel partitioned, lockable rooms and are dry and safe. These are ideal conditions to keep your belongings from being damaged by moisture or pests.
  • Hire a storage unit for any of your short term or long term, business, or personal storage needs. We are very flexible in that there are no contracts to be signed or deposits to be paid. We offer a pro rate if you move your goods in during the month.
  • Our storage units vary in size from 12sq ft to 200sq ft, so whether you need to store something small like a few valuables while you go on holiday, or something larger such as a household of furniture, we have the right sized storage unit for you.
  • If you are not sure what size storage unit to book, check out the space calculator on our website. If you need any assistance with your choice, we will be happy to help you.
  • Please check our website for customer reviews.

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