Penrith is situated in Cumbria which is a beautiful area of the North Lake District. Our storage facility Stop & Store Penrith is conveniently located on the outskirts of Penrith just off the A66, with access to the M6. This makes it an excellent location for not only Penrith residents and businesses, but also for other Northern Lakes storage space seekers, from places like Keswick and surrounding towns and villages.

Penrith itself is an historic market town with easy access to Eden Valley, the Pennines, and the Lake District, making it a perfect base from which to explore these popular tourist attractions. People come here to enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and camping in the summer. Our town also offers quaint cobbled lanes in our town centre, pubs, cafes and restaurants and unique independent shops. So it’s no wonder Penrith is considered by tourists as one of the top holiday destinations with a lot to offer visitors.

What are the Items Holiday Makers Usually Store?

When you think of self storage one of the first things you imagine using it for is to store your household items when you move house, or when you are decluttering, and you need additional storage for any items that you may need in the future. But our units can be used by homeowners to store those holiday items that they only use for a few months over the summer.

If you own a holiday home in the Lake District that you use over summer, you will no doubt have equipment that you only use during this time. You may rent this second home out for the time you are not using it, and you don’t necessarily want these guests using this equipment in case it gets damaged or lost. This equipment can include camping equipment, quad bikes, ordinary road bicycles, kayaks – in fact, anything that you need to make your holiday more enjoyable.

Patio furniture and outdoor cooking appliances are other items that you may have and use while you are on your holiday, but once the summer is over, these should no longer remain outside. These items need to be stored somewhere safe to protect them from the elements.

Hiring a self storage unit is exactly like having extra storage space at home, but instead of the inconvenience of all this extra stuff in your house, keep it safely off-site and is ready for when you need it next summer.

How to Prepare Your Summer Gear for Storage

  • Camping Equipment. Air and dry tents completely before storing to prevent mildew from forming. This will ensure that your tent smells pleasant when you unpack it. Clean any dirt, dust, and bugs before folding it up for storage.
  • Hiking gear such as boots and sleeping bags also need to be clean and dry before you pack them up for storage.
  • Use transparent plastic stackable bins to store your camping equipment such as crockery, cutlery and your cooking pots and pans. These are strong and you can see what is in each bin.
  • Remember to remove batteries from any torches, radios, or other electronics before you store them.
  • By storing your camping equipment all together in one of our storage units will ensure that you are able to find everything easily – no more wasting time looking for lost tent pegs or finding that one of your camping chairs is missing at the last minute.
  • Patio furniture will last longer with proper care; leaving plastic or metal outdoor furniture outside can ruin it, causing the plastic to discolour and the metal to rust.
  • Clean each piece thoroughly and let it dry. Fold pieces if you can and stack your chairs if possible to reduce the storage space needed. Make sure the cushions are dry before packing them in plastic bags. If they get moldy from any moisture, they will spoil.
  • Kayaks and boats can be safely stored by their owners in a storage unit once they are dry.
  • Bicycles will need to be clean, their tyres deflated, and dismantled as far as possible. Wrap them in plastic before storing in your storage unit.
  • Quad bikes and motor bikes will need to be free of any dirt and mud so that no moisture is present which may cause rusting. Drain the fuel tank and any oil tanks. Disconnect the battery.
  • Pump the tyres up to maximum pressure so that there will still be air in them when you need your vehicle again.
  • Cover your bike with a breathable cover so that any moisture that may be trapped can escape to prevent rusting.

10 Reasons to Use Storage Space at Stop & Store Penrith for your Summer Gear

  • It is situated in a very convenient and central point with easy access to the M6 and the A66 to service Penrith and the North Lake District.
  • We offer easy offloading and loading of your goods.
  • Our units can store the equivalent of the contents of a small flat or 160 medium-sized boxes so there is space for your summer gear.
  • Our units are thermally insulated to keep them at the ambient temperature for the benefit of the safekeeping of your goods.
  • Our hours of operation which are 8am to 8pm seven days a week allow time to access your unit when you need to.
  • Our units are affordable, and we run promotions and specials from time to time, so check our website to take advantage of these.
  • Rent one of our units using your phone or your laptop. We can process your application online, and once you have paid you will have access to your unit.
  • Rent a unit for a month or for as long as you need. We require no deposit, and there are no lengthy leases to be signed.
  • We are a family-owned business with over 20 years’ experience in dealing with customers and looking after their possessions. Look at the reviews on our website to help you make the right choice when you need self storage.
  • Most importantly, we offer superior security through CCTV cameras. Your belongings will be safe with us.

Please give us a call on 01768 800291 for a no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you. storage-now-in-penrith/