Penrith is a town in Cumbria known for its entrepreneurial spirit and enabling climate for business. Many like-minded people have successfully started their businesses here and used the infrastructure that is offered to the best of their to grow their business.

The successful establishment of a business of course does not happen overnight. It requires thorough planning and constant focus on the company objectives and customer service. The suitability of Penrith as a good place to start a business includes the position of the town on the route north and the fact that lower overheads can help a start up in its early phases.

These days where many businesses use online channels for their marketing and sales also means that where the business is less of a factor in its location. Support services and the community of entrepreneurs in Penrith add to the attraction of establishing businesses here. With this has been the emergence of self storage in the area.

Self storage has become a big factor in helping businesses achieve their goals. And it is not necessarily through what low cost storage facilities offer to them.

Stop & Store Penrith are one of the leading storage companies in Cumbria that is advantageously located to provide not only domestic, but also business storage in Penrith and surrounding towns.

Extra Storage for Inventory

It often happens in business that storage space is needed for a big order or to keep items of value in a secure place. Self storage offers affordable storage for long term or short term storage needs. In addition, the security that self storage offers gives the renter the peace of mind that is what they are looking for.

This helps when extra space is needed, and the business does not want to enter into a formal lease arrangement for premises that may not be required at some stage in the future. The flexibility of having a monthly self storage commitment is a big advantage when the business needs extra storage for inventory.

Self storage facilities like Stop & Store in Penrith have storage units that are of sufficient size to accommodate large amounts of inventory, and if more space is required, then the business can simply rent another unit in the complex for additional inventory storage needs. It’s as simple as that!

Our storage units at Stop & Store are easily accessible, designed to provide the renter with a very convenient load/offload experience.

Receiving and Dispatching Inventory

The heart of the business is the efficient service that is provided to customers. Most businesses strive to have a system that identifies top selling stocks and stores them in way to make them most accessible. However, the manner in which inventory is controlled and dispatched will determine how quickly orders can be received by the clients f the business.

At Stop & Store Penrith deliveries into the storage unit and outward dispatch is made easy through the streamlined design and access. This makes a self storage unit an ideal place to receive incoming stock and dispatch outgoing orders. This is particularly useful for online businesses who may act as an affiliate marketer and need a tailored solution for their online inventory systems.

This alone is an advantage which is flexible in its nature, and extra space can be added as and when required. A self storage unit is a low-cost distribution center, where orders can be assembled and dispatched by outside parties like couriers if so required.

Excess Paperwork: Documents and Archives

With the legal requirement for a business to keep records for audit and compliance purposes, the documents of a business start to take up valuable space that could be put to better use. This is particularly relevant when the business starts to grow, and more space is needed for offices to accommodate new staff.

While it may be that these documents could be stored in digital format, in most instances authorities require the originals to be kept. Document and archive storage requires dry and secure premises to ensure that the documents are safe from both damage and theft. The benefit of low-cost self storage is that it offers both of these, ensuring that the archives of the business remain as good as they were after storage.

Do You Need to Store Equipment?

Finding a place to keep excess equipment is always a headache. This could happen when the business replaces old equipment with new, and the old equipment gets in the way. Typically equipment is expensive, and items like tools often fall prey to thieves.

The units at Stop & Store Penrith are approximately 60 sq ft in size, large enough to stand in and long enough to accommodate equipment up to 2 meters in length. The doors are secure with a double locking mechanism, through a bar across the storage unit. This ensures absolute security and protection from any possibility of tampering with the equipment.

Stop & Store Penrith, Your Partner in Business Storage

If you have a business in and around Penrith area and require business storage, our storage facility in the A66 is an excellent choice for your purpose.

With easy access and long hours, the self storage units in Penrith provide emerging or established businesses affordable storage in Cumbria. By doing so, you will be giving your business a competitive edge, not only with lower overheads, but also by using a storage facility that is perfectly located for storage in the North Lakes. Both these factors will help run a streamlined and efficient inventory system.

Should you need assistance with renting a unit, please give us a call or drop us a line.

Feel free to phone us at 01768 800291 and you will be able to speak to our helpful staff for any advice you need.