Life changing events such as deciding to move in with a partner, or having a baby, are circumstances that shake up our normal routines and force us to look at life differently. What is sure to come up though is definitely a situational change at home which will force us to make decisions with regards to our possessions. Self Storage Unit Fareham

Downsizing our houses due to retirement or the death of a partner, or a divorce in the family compels us to decide how to deal with our assets, and the choices are normally that we need to move them, dispose of them, or store them.

Some of these events are planned, and some come out of the blue. Some are happy and some are sad. The result of a life changing event may be to act impulsively and do the first thing that comes into mind, namely, to get rid of everything. But sometimes it is wiser to sit back, take a deep breath and see how things pan out rather than acting hastily and then living to regret it later.

Hiring a self storage unit can be really helpful in any of these situations. It can make these major life events more manageable whether you store a loved one’s furniture after their death, store your belongings whilst you move, or declutter a spare room to make way for your new baby.

These Events Can Change Your Life

  1. Family Events

    Life changing family events such as a death of a spouse, the birth of a baby, or packing up the family home when your parents move to a retirement home all require that you go through belongings and furniture before deciding what to do with them.

  2. Changes in Relationships

    Moving in with a partner or divorcing are major life changing events that can lead to needing belongings stored. A self storage unit will assist you in either case when it is necessary to either pool belongings when you move in together, or after a divorce, one of the partners may need to downsize and put some belongings in storage.

  3. Events Involving Your Home – Moving, Renovating, or Redecorating

    Selling and buying a new house or apartment often means that you need to store your belongings safely until you are ready for them. Renovating or decorating can cause disruptions to your home life. Hiring a self storage unit to store your belongings while you are busy with the work will make your life much easier. Your goods will be safe from theft, as well as out of harm’s way while you have tradespeople busy in your house.

How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Navigate These Events

  • Dealing with a death in the family is one of the most difficult things to do. Sorting out their personal belongings, let alone a household of furniture, may feel overwhelming especially while you are grieving. Hiring a self storage unit in this situation can provide you with a place to keep up to a household of furniture in a safe environment until you feel ready to make decisions regarding what to do with their personal belongings.
  • Moving house is stressful and exhausting! All that packing and lifting of heavy boxes happens at the same time as you may be trying to sell your old home. By moving the items that are not in every day use into storage will create some space for you as it is difficult to sell a home filled with clutter. When you are ready to move to your new home you can fetch boxes from your self storage unit and unpack them at your own pace rather than unpacking the entire contents of the removal van on the day of your move.
  • Expecting a new baby? This is an exciting life changer and requires some preparation. You will want the baby’s nursery to be ready before his or her birth. Once you start collecting your baby stuff, you will be amazed at how much babies actually need. Clothes, toys, crib, compactum, prams, car seats – the list is endless and finding place to store all these items can be a problem. Moving to a bigger house is not always an option. Instead most people solve this by clearing out the spare room. You may not necessarily want to part with these items and besides, a baby soon outgrows most of the baby stuff. So use a self storage unit to keep these items out of the way while you clear space for a nursery.
  • Living through a break up or a divorce is very difficult and emotional. Often one of the partners has to move their possessions out in a hurry and may not have a plan in place of where to go. By hiring a self storage unit to keep these in for the short term will give you time to plan for your next move. A break up or divorce may involve a dispute over some possessions. Hiring a self storage unit can offer a temporary solution as to where to keep these items while deciding what to do with them.
  • Downsizing not only happens when you retire but can also take place because of economic pressure. When you move to a smaller house or apartment you will surely have too many possessions. If you are not ready to get rid of them permanently, place them in self storage until such time as you are ready to make these difficult decisions.

Stop & Store Fareham

When you are confronted by any life changing event and you need a self storage unit unexpectedly, Stop & Store Fareham is an ideal option. Centrally situated and with many different sized units to choose from, our facility offers a secure environment to keep your possessions safely while you deal with your problems.

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