It’s hard to believe that some of the bigger businesses that are thriving today were ones that started at home. From a germ of an idea, together with some entrepreneurial spirit, and a little space, the business was born and flourished. As businesses grow, even more space is required to extend operations, calling on self storage considerations in the process.

Little do we know about the struggles on the way, the growing pains, and the well-considered decisions that had to be made. Another surprising fact is that many small businesses use self storage in their fledgling years, and by making use of what a storage facility offers, have saved an immense amount of money on storage costs in the process.

When starting out however, it’s that germ of an idea that is the driving force. While there may have been some wild ideas out there, true entrepreneurialism and success come with how that idea is turned into a business that works.

Not everyone is cut out to be that kind of person that takes a chance on an idea, and even though failure may stare them in the face at times, they will back themselves and see their idea through.

Using a self storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith is just one of the good decisions made along the way, as a self storage rental nearby is one of the most affordable storage options available.

Why Start a Home-based Business?

The question should be why not start a home-based business? These days people are comfortable with the work at home situation and think nothing of it. There is no stigma attached to working from home.

Of course, you have to establish routines and train the kids not to scream when you are on the phone or in a meeting, and on top of that also train yourself when is a good time to pack up and got home to your family.

Even the perceived downside of lack of space can be sorted out with a self storage rental, where all your working stock can be securely kept for when needed.

There are far more pros than cons to starting a business at home. The biggest of course is the positive effect on the pocket from the start, no rental deposits and monthly office rental. Self storage is the cheapest form of secure storage there is, and the space you rent is all yours. Month in and month out, no deposit there either!

Lots of Good Ideas for Home Based Business

There are home businesses that don’t need storage area for stock as the proprietor may be selling his or her services from home.

  • No Stock Required Home Ideas

A doctor or physiotherapist starting out would surely think of starting from home in a spare or outside room of the house. A beauty therapist can operate very successfully from home, on appointment basis, providing parking for clients and some reception area where they can wait.

Working online as a freelancer, designer or consultant needs the internet and a home office. Meetings are mostly online, and client visits are normally offsite.

Here the business is time based, quoting according to the time the job will take to complete. There is no stock involved. Good home-based freelancers build up a solid, sometimes only small but regular client base, producing good income.

Online teaching is another e-commerce sector that works well from home, like teaching your native language to learners in foreign countries. This can be a lot of fun and very rewarding for the progress of others in the learning sphere.

Event planning only needs your mobile and laptop and of course your energy to be successful. As many businesses have realized that virtual events are a way to really save money and get the job done the same way, a good event planner is never short of work.

Such events include fundraisers, conferences, trade shows and webinars. To be good at this you are likely to be an outgoing sort, having to network and work with people.

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are also business ideas in which other people’s products are sold without your business having to hold stock.

  • Ideas that Need Space for Stock

Online selling has become a massive sector, and more and more emphasis is being placed on online sales strategies and tactics. To be good at this, continuous innovation and fast turn around are a necessity.

You may want to source interesting products directly form factories at home and abroad and offer them online through a branded online business. Success often is more assured when going into a niche market than rather just attempting to offer general products to everyone.

Many a small business starts out with some form of home-based manufacturing. Such products could be food or products made of materials. Food products have their own food standards to be aware of, while garments, wood or metal crafts can be made in the spare room or garage in the beginning.

Often this starts out as a hobby that is turned into a business, and as a rule whatever the handmade product is, it’s better if there is a hobby interest in it.

Others are traders at market stalls in the area in which they live, setting up stalls every weekend and keeping their stock in safe storage between show days. Selling secondhand items from home is also a good business where some display space is necessary to show the goods and ideally a self storage rental to store some of the bulky items.

Day care is another good home business, which can be a bit intrusive, but if you have the space, money can be made.

Get Self Storage: Store the Easy Way

Now that you know that help is at hand when you need a place to store any of your working stock, merchandising or promotional materials, get storage the easy way. Never feel that your home business idea won’t have enough space to operate.

Book a self storage rental with us and you will be surprised at how quickly space will be made available.

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