If you own a business and you find yourself running out of storage space, this is the time to consider making use of a self storage facility. After all, self storage is not only popular with private households, but it is also becoming more and more popular with different types of businesses as it can be of great benefit to entrepreneurs. It is easy way of solving your business storage issues without costing an arm and a leg.

Keeping your workforce productive and efficient is something any business owner strives for, but it is impossible if their work space is cluttered and disorganised. A growing business will experience a lack of office space or run out of storage for stock, inventory, and other assets. This shortage of space may result in the business needing to rent a bigger space to relocate to. A growing business needs additional space for more personnel, extra workstations, and other business equipment. But this lack of space at work may have a simpler solution than relocating to a new address. Consider this solution to your problem. By hiring a storage unit for storing documents and office equipment off site, space will be freed up in your current office. This is a far more affordable option than relocating your entire business.

Here are some of the reasons that your business needs extra storage space to keep your day to day operations running as efficiently as possible. This will ensure your business remains profitable which is why you are in business in the first place.

    1. A disorganised space does not give your clients a good impression.

      First impressions are important, and if your guests or clients are faced with an untidy office with mounds of documents piled up haphazardly, too many employees in a small space with cluttered work stations, or too much equipment crowding the space, they will not be impressed that you are running a professional operation. So hiring a self storage unit can solve this problem once and for all. Your business will present a much better image to your clients.

    2. Documents that need to be stored can take up an inordinate amount of space.

      Many professions need to store documents for a certain amount of time to be legally compliant with authorities such as the tax man. These important documents may not currently be in use, but nonetheless, need to be accessible at any time should they be required. Although many of our documents are stored electronically, there are still mounds of paper documents that need keeping, and these take up precious office space. By hiring a storage unit to keep them, you will ensure that they are safely out of the way, and they will be accessible whenever you need them.

    3. Does your profession require good security for sensitive documents?

      Using a reputable self storage facility such as Stop & Store Fareham is a much safer option than storing these sensitive documents at your office or at your home if you operate from there. The security arrangements at a self storage facility are often superior to those at home or at the office and will ensure that these are not susceptible to falling into the wrong hands. Not only are the physical security measures advanced, but you will be able to access them when you need to.

    4. Making use of a storage facility will free up space for your business to expand.

      This way you can improve your business by employing more people or getting the latest equipment to improve operations. If there are assets that are not in daily use but that you need occasionally, keep them safely in your storage unit, so that they are out of your way but are immediately available should you need them.

    5. A cost-effective way of solving your storage problems.

      Instead of going to great expense by relocating your entire operation or considering the option of renting a warehouse with the formalities and expenses relating to this, such as paying hefty deposits, paying for utilities, and being tied into a lease, rather consider renting a self storage unit. There are many different sizes available, so you only need hire the space you need.

What Types of Businesses can Benefit from Renting a Self Storage Facility?

  • Ecommerce Companies

    There is an expansion in these kinds of businesses, and you are taking advantage of this trend. Using a self storage unit to operate your online business from is an affordable alternative to using a warehouse.  At Stop & Store Fareham we offer not only a secure environment to store your goods, but also the space to pack your orders for dispatch.

  • Tradesmen

    Keeping your equipment and tools safe is one of the priorities of any trade person. Not everyone has the option of running such a business from home, so hiring a self storage unit will mean that your expensive tools are kept safely, and you can easily access them when you  need to.

  • Small Retail Outlets

    There is always the need for storing inventory and excess stock in a retail operation. Hiring extra store room space is an expensive option. Rather rent a self storage unit which you can lay out to suit your needs with shelving, packing boxes, or hanging units, and keep your inventory safely until you need it.

Stop & Store Self Storage Facility Fareham

Consider renting a self storage unit in our facility, Stop & Store Fareham if you find yourself running out of business storage space.

Our priority is the security of your assets. To this end we offer state of the art security systems, and strict access control.

We have many different sized units available so there will always be one that is perfect for your needs.

Our facility is located in the Fareham Shopping Centre which is in the town. We are open for your convenience 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm.

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Tel: 01329 556174. We look forward to hearing from you.