Once you’ve put all the hard work into getting your business up and running, you may find yourself a victim of your own success in terms of storing your stock, tools or equipment. Whether you’ve set up an online shop or a photography business, what started as a small dream may now be taking over every room in your house. With your business in demand, you may be wondering if there is somewhere affordable you could store your products or work from, and a budget storage unit could be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. Utilising a Fareham Storage unit from Stop & Store for your business can make your life a whole lot simpler.

A Variety of Businesses

At Stop and Store Fareham Storage, our conveniently located storage facility is ideal for local businesses and those based further afield in Porchester, Whiteley and Wickham. Many businesses could be run from a storage unit, and so it’s no surprise that the demand for secure business storage is growing. But how can a storage unit be of benefit to your business?

Online Shops

If you have set up your own business selling clothes, crafts, jewellery or classic books you probably started with a small amount of stock until you were sure about the viability of your business. With a growing customer base, the amount of stock you carry may have increased to the point where your living room, spare bedroom, garage and loft are full of stock that you can barely get to when you need it. Moving your business into one of our clean, dry and secure self storage units will make it easier to organise your stock so that every item is easy to find. Even better, it will free up space in your house so that you can relax without business clutter when you are at home.

Photography Business

Laptop with photography equipment

Whether you are an established photographer or just setting up a business, having somewhere to take photographs is essential. Whilst you could set up a studio in your own home, after a while you may tire of having to clear up all of the backdrops, lighting and camera equipment after each photoshoot. Moving your business to a Farehamstorage unit means you can leave it set up as a studio in between shoots. You could even use your storage space to edit photos, keep on top of bookkeeping or catch up with business emails so that you can keep work separate from your personal life.

Antique Furniture

Room filled with Antique Furniture Fareham Storage

We all know that furniture can take up a lot of space, and if you are buying antique furniture to repair or upcycle ready for a sale, then you also need a workshop-like space to work on it. A cheap storage room provides the security you need to keep furniture safe, and also offers the space to work on it. With local storage space accessed via Fareham Shopping Centre, you can get to your furniture seven days a week whilst freeing up space in your garage or workshop at home.


tradesman with tools and helmet

If you work as a builder, plumber, electrician or in any other trade, the inside of your van might feel like a rabbit warren even after just several weeks of trade. Theft from your van could leave you thousands of pounds short, and unable to work on your current job for several days or weeks. Claiming through insurance for lost tools wastes valuable time in which you could be working, too. At Stop and Store, the storage facility has monitored CCTV and intruder alarm, making it a secure way to store your tools and machinery. Storing any tools that you know you will not need for a particular job will also make your van lighter and therefore cheaper to run. You may also be able to use a smaller, and cheaper, van if you do not need to store all of your tools in it for every job.

Creative Arts

Pots filled with different coloured paints and brushes

If you work creatively, you’ll know that getting the right location for your art is of utmost importance. If you are a writer or illustrator, you might enjoy working in a coffee shop but topping up on coffee and cake all day long can get pricey. Setting up a workstation in a storage unit can give you the space you need to work in peace and without distractions, and is more affordable than hotdesking or renting a workspace. If you are a musician or crafter, you can use self storage units as a creative base to practice or design more products for your business.

Art Gallery

 Fareham Storage

If you are an artist, or enjoying buying and selling art, storage unit rental could be exactly the place to showcase your work. You can set up the storage space exactly as you want it, and hold launches or choose dates when you wish to open to the public. As Stop and Store is located in Fareham Shopping Centre, guests and visitors will have no difficulty in attending your gallery. All units are clean, dry and secure making them suitable for storing and displaying artwork.

Seasonal Items

Christmas items on wooden table

If you sell crafts, cards, gift items or clothing online, there will be times when you do not need access to certain items. Products related to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day tend to only sell once a year, and can therefore be securely stored at other times of the year. Seasonal stock such as winter or summer clothing can also be stored when it is less likely to be in demand, freeing up space for stock required in the current season.

Stop and Store Fareham Storage

With Stop and Store, we offer a range of storage units from 12 to 200 square feet, so you can choose the right sized unit for your business needs. There’s no long term commitment, and there’s no deposit to pay. We even rent plastic storage boxes so that you can move your stock in safely before returning the boxes to us. Unlike cardboard, our storage boxes are sturdy and won’t collapse on your precious stock. When you’re trying to do your bit to reduce waste and make environmental choices, not buying extra boxes is a definite bonus. We can even supply wheels to make move in day as easy as possible.

Using a storage unit in Fareham could help you de-clutter your home whilst giving you the space to take your business to the next level.

To enquire about our business storage solutions, contact Stop and Store today.