We often read about how secure it is to store in a self storage unit. But how secure is it actually? If you haven’t thought about this, and simply rely on what you hear about a particular self storage facility, then it’s time to find out by asking the right questions before going ahead any further.

Not all self storage facilities are the same, and in general, security is the key feature of a self storage establishment, as it is responsible for looking after clients’ goods during the rental period. So naturally, it would be the right place to safely store belongings when needed.

There are so many reasons for needing storage rooms to safely keep goods of many types. In the home situation, the need may arise at short notice or it may be well planned. Some of the most commonly held reasons is moving, whether for the purposes of relocating or having to move out of a particular space.

Some of these moves could be triggered by an unexpected event, a bereavement, a separation, or an invitation to travel somewhere. All of these occasions call for the need to safely store goods somewhere.

Stop & Store Penrith is a well-equipped self storage facility situated just on the perimeter of the town of Penrith in the Cumbria region. Our proximity to the North Lakes area offers potential self storage users many benefits for storage for purposes of personal or business storage.

Storage Options and their Safety

Keeping things of value under lock and key when they are not being used is the best way to avoid any pilfering or damage being caused to the contents of a storeroom. Depending on the storage space chosen, the best way to ensure the contents are safe is to keep the door locked and not have any windows that could be used to make an entrance.

Then there are added dimensions as to where the storeroom is located and how it is guarded when no one is around. In the case of self storage, there are many added features that protect a self storage unit.

  • Controlled access

For example, the self storage units will be located in a gated yard, which is secured by controlled access. The fence will be secure enough to deter anyone from entering the premises, and only the users will be permitted. Normally someone taking a self storage rental will be allocated a personal access code to the entrance of the premises.

As a renter, it is not advisable to share this code too widely, because the storage facility doesn’t wish to have unnecessary people entering the premises.

  • Monitoring

Most self storage facilities use some form of monitoring system in order to keep an eye on proceedings at the self storage facility during the day and night. This could be through the installation of a camera or some similar arrangement. This is a good deterrent to would-be intruders, who wouldn’t wish to be seen on camera committing an offense.

  • Open, clean premises

A good sign of a well-managed self storage facility can be observed visually by observing how clean the yard is and its uncluttered nature. This is a way to ensure any intruder can be easily seen if they are on the premises and can’t hide behind something. Also keeping the place clean, is a sign of being organized and disciplined.

  • Staff hours

Staff on the premises adds to the security of the facility and there are people present which helps with control measures too. It is a good idea to check out the hours that they are present to give an idea of when they are available. Their presence is likely to tie in with access hours, so it is good to be aware of this.

Door Security: Which Lock is Best?

With all the peripheral security catered for it is important to consider the storage room itself and how you will lock it once you have loaded your goods inside. If the self storage unit is an insulated container, it may have swing doors with some form of a hefty bar that goes across the entrance doors. In the case of the garage-type self storage unit, it may be a roller door.

Whichever it is, you would want the lock to be one that can’t be tampered with. Imagine finding that the flimsy lock that was used has been prized open and something has gone missing. As there are different types of locks on the market it is advisable to be in the know about which ones are recommended for self storage unit doors.

Also, take into consideration what is being stored and the value thereof. The more valuable the contents, then the more should be spent on the lock used. In many instances the self storage unit could supply the locks, so there you don’t have to worry about this, but it is good to know anyway. 

  • Combination locks

These are sometimes preferred because of the desire to avoid having to worry about using or losing keys. Be aware that combination locks can be picked, so they are not entirely secure. Best avoid using them on a self storage door.

  • Padlocks

These are also not tamperproof. Some padlocks are not substantial enough and thieves have been known to saw through them or lever them open thereby gaining unauthorized access very quickly.

  • Disc locks

These are good locks for self storage units, and are very difficult to pick or cut, even with bolt cutters. Two of their features are the tough shackle of a disc lock, and its built-in anti-locking pins, which make the lock very effective.

  • Cylinder lock

These are becoming more popular due to consumers discovering how effective they are in securing doors. They are pilfer-proof and a good choice for a self storage unit door.

Armed with this information, all these facts should give the added assurance that the security measures taken in securing a self storage facility are top-notch.

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