Unfortunately, security has become a worry for many homeowners and businesses with nefarious individuals with ill intentions wanting to do bad things. This has meant that more and more people are looking for secure storage nearby to keep their things safe.

If you are worried about the security of your possessions, you are likely to invest in security measures for your home and business. Added security always comes at a cost, whether it is for infrastructure or monitoring, it all adds up.

Of course, there are many security measures that can be made without incurring costs, many of which are achieved by raising vigilance levels. However, these alone don’t solve the problem of break-ins, pilferage, and theft.

Losing possessions to these actions is always hurtful, and even if this is covered by insurance, the mere thought of having an intruder coming into your space and taking what is yours is not a nice one.

Many people entrust their possessions to companies like us at Stop & Store Penrith, a secure storage facility based a short distance from the town. Here security is the number one priority, as we value the trust given us to store goods on your behalf.

Keeping Goods Safe: Steps to Consider

Whether you are storing for business or personal reasons, one thing is clear: your goods must be 100% safe. Often the options at home are not always the most secure, as prying eyes and temptations to take what is there exist.

Starting with yourself, what measures can you take straight away? Simple security devices can help. These could be a sliding security door, secure burglar guards on all the windows and making sure that there is no easy access to the property.

A burglar alarm may be intrusive, as is the installation of a security camera, but they work. There is nothing more of a deterrent than a screaming alarm going off to scare someone away. Security cameras require monitoring to be effective and are beneficial in cases where proof of entry or theft is required.

Overall being security-aware is beneficial all round. For example, keeping your valuables out of sight, putting bicycles in a secure place, and locking the car when there is something of value in it, all make good security aware sense. Be aware that the garage is also an area that is easily forgotten and contains items of value like tools and personal effects that are stored there. Make sure that this area is covered too, and security is maintained in this area.

Lighting is also important and using lights in strategic places that shine on places like access gates, landscapes, and bushy areas also do wonders for added security at home or business premises.

So, having identified these measures your security should be a whole lot better. But be warned devious people out to do no good always seem to find a way around things if they really want to.

You may ask: where will my possessions be safer when I am away or traveling overseas?

Secure Storage Nearby

There is nothing more unsettling than having to worry about things at home when you are traveling away overseas on holiday, or for business. Even when your premises are securely locked and alarmed, you may have a niggling feeling about the safety of your possessions.

Luckily there is always a secure self storage unit nearby to help give you peace of mind about this issue. Renting a self storage unit provides a secure storage option for loads of goods both big and small. Most secure storage facilities like Stop & Store Penrith offer a range of self storage unit sizes. The reason for this is to tailor your load to the size storage unit needed.

Also, you save money by taking the exact amount of space that you need. The Stop & Store self storage units offer three options, 2m 3m or 4 m in length. It means that the self storage unit choice gives you the option to measure up the volume of the goods that you intend storing and armed with this information you can either contact us for advice or estimate the size storage unit that you need.

The good news is that if the size is wrong, you can always upgrade or downgrade in size to fit your needs. Our friendly staff are sure to accommodate you on this one!

These shiny new steel self storage containers are galvanized for durability and thermally lined for insulation against the outside world. Even so, the self storage containers are themselves under a roof of a building which not only protects it further from the elements, but it ensures even more safety.

When Secure Storage is needed at Short Notice

If an event or need arises to secure items at short notice, there are a few options available. The overarching criterion though, is where is the safest place? If your security systems are in place at home or the business, then this will be one of the immediate options available.

Taking the load to a friend or family member’s house often causes unnecessary complications. Good security always comes at a cost, and if your place is not secure enough, a far cheaper option is to pay the specialists in the field whose job it is to provide secure storage.

This option is self storage facilities. It’s the most affordable storage there is available. The storage facility near you, like Stop & Store Penrith, is designed to make everything easy for you, from booking to access, space made available at short notice.

The other benefit is that you can store for as short a period or as long as you like. With Stop & Store, there may be incentives for longer periods than two months, but the contracts are not going to tie you up and no deposit is required.  So, if extra space is needed, and you want to sleep well at night knowing your goods are safe, then choose a self storage facility that ticks all the right boxes.

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