We often get asked the question why self storage is so popular. This can be seen in the rapid growth of the availability of self storage facilities near you. The simple reason is that they are affordable and customer centric. storage space

It means that all the features offered by self storage are totally geared to ensuring that customers are happy with what they are getting. Self storage facilities are to be found in cities and across the UK in most big towns, providing a very important storage service to the man in the street and to commercial enterprises.

Customer focus is the Stop & Store Fareham way of doing business, and we make sure that customers who have a storage requirement are accommodated with the right size self storage unit at a price that they are happy with. In the process we love to engage with our customers, listen to them and make sure they have the best experience possible.

The need for storage in a bustling town like Fareham is high and there are a wide range of options on offer. With all the storage space options available, why is self storage still the best? We tackle this issue here by discussing the various options available and the costs and benefits of each.

When Storage is Needed: What are the Options?

The high demand on warehouse and industrial units in Fareham pushes the availability levels to the limit, and for anyone looking for storage space in Fareham, it means a long wait or looking to alternatives. The average cost per sq foot for long term rental space with a lease is £ 8.00 per sq ft. The additional hurdle for those needing space urgently is that having to wait for premises for storage and it doesn’t solve their short term need.

Besides the comparatively higher price, renting traditional warehouse carries a lease which many find restrictive and binding, involving deposits and sureties.

Self storage on the other hand is far more flexible, renting done on a month-at-a-time basis, with a number of additional benefits to the renter as well. It is a great deal cheaper as well.

This information starts to answer the question why self storage is so popular, it simply fills the gap for the customer who needs storage and who can at short notice move into a self storage unit and securely store the goods that need storage.

As self storage facilities become more popular, more become available, which means that there is likely to be one nearby.

Convenience and location are two of the most important considerations when looking for a storage space. Stop & Store is very well situated at Fareham Shopping Centre, and this location was chosen to save customers the time and money to get to us.

This position, in the heart of Fareham town is easy to get to and a popular place to visit. Here its also great to combine your shopping with your visit to your stored goods from time to time.

Self Storage Unit Sizes

A self storage facility like Stop & store Fareham offers a variety of self storage unit sizes, from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft. This availability also gives the renter some space to go bigger or smaller when it is required.

Also, choosing a unit size that exactly fits the requirements of the load being stored helps the customer save money as there is no wasted space. If the number of items requiring storage grows, it’s a simple matter of taking extra space at the same storage facility.

The good news is that we will give you another unit option very quickly, subject to us having the space available. There is no charge when you decide to change a unit, and we only charge you for the actual size of space that you are using.

Don’t hesitate to chat to our friendly staff when you need this, and they will assist you. If you are in doubt and wish to look at the units, you are welcome to visit us at Fareham Shopping Centre and we will be delighted to show you around.

When You Are Looking for Self Storage In Fareham

Regardless of whether short-term storage or long-term storage is required, the cheapest storage option is renting a self storage unit.

Built-in security is another feature that benefits the occupant of a self storage situation. Ok, you have to provide your own lock for the door, but the rest is provided by the storage facility. Cutting edge closed circuit television monitoring is done on a continuous basis and is streamed, where movements at the premises are monitored 24/7.

With all these good reasons why you should be choosing self storage it is definitely the best move you can make when you next need storage.

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