Wherever you are thinking of moving to or visiting for a break, you are sure to want to have your comforts around you. If you are camping or relocating, you are undoubtedly going to bring loads of stuff with you that you need to store somewhere. Which is where a self storage facility will come in handy.

Luckily storage facilities are to be found widely spread across the country because of their rising popularity and universal use. Whether you are a homeowner, business or student, the main benefit about a self storage facility is the security it offers to store things at short notice, when you need to.

But back to the camping and relocating:  you may be like many others and want a place that is peaceful and full of natural beauty. If you are intending to move to such a place, you wouldn’t want to pay too much either.

We have a secret we’d like to share. It’s about a place to live in the UK that is affordable, safe, and beautiful. Sounds too good to be true. Not so. Now that the secret is about to be told, you may wonder why Cumbria is so popular with visitors and the residents that stay there.

It may be a little off the beaten track, in the far northwest corner of England, but it’s certainly worth the journey.

When you Need to Travel

Traveling always requires some preparation. Some say the planning part is as exciting as the actual event. There will be some research involved, some ground to uncover, and along the way there are sure to be some hurdles.

As the travel involves relocating to a new place, there are some important logistics to consider. One is where to store things when you get to the other side. After all, if you are going on holiday to a place like the Lake District you would want to take your leisure accessories with you.

Getting around in the area is about not driving. After all you would not want to disturb nature, would you? So, you’d need to consider what you need to take with you.

Ok, when you do, the question arises what to do with all the paraphernalia and extra things you have with you. Even if you are moving or considering moving, the weight of having to find a place to store things will weigh heavily on your shoulders.

When You Need Storage Facility in the North Lakes Area

Fear not. Self storage is on hand, and if this is required in Cumbria, then Stop & Store Penrith could well be your answer. Next, the position of our storage facility is what many of our clients like about us.

We are just on the outskirts of Penrith, a stone’s throw from the town itself on the A66. Situated in a secure location, because security is our top concern, we have a storage facility in Penrith that’s designed to keep your stored possessions 100% secure.

Whether it is short term storage in Penrith you are looking for or perhaps a longer term, we offer the best storage option available.

This peace of mind will help you with your decision and overcome all obstacles when making up your mind about changing from your existing lifestyle to one of action. Consider being able to hike, mountaineer, sail climb, cave or ghyll scramble when you want to.

Of course, to do all of this, you will need the accessories, like a mountain bike or boat.

Get them. Store them safely in a self storage facility. Trust Stop & Store Penrith to do this for you. It costs very little, and contracts are monthly. Easy, and if you change your mind or need to make a change, there is no obligation.

So, What is Stopping You?

If you are looking for adventure and a peaceful life, at an affordable level, then you may have found the exact place for you after all its called the ‘Adventure Capital of the UK’.

Medieval Penrith with its winding cobbled roads and hugely interesting array of shops is an excellent place to start. There are farmers markets offering the freshest produce every week, and property bargains can be had if you are patient enough. You may choose a quaint stone cottage or Georgian town house in the center of town, or perhaps in the upmarket New Streets conservation area.

Either way, here are options to suit everyone.

So, whether you want to visit, relocate, or start a business in the North Lakes area, you will be joining a great community that enjoys the outdoors and the wide variety of attractions the area offers.

Storage Facility Made Easy

When looking for a self storage facility in Penrith, be sure that the options suit you. Consider the location of the units, the access, which should be easy for offloading and loading and the security of the storage facility and the units themselves.

The nice thing about self storage is that it is so universal in its applications, meaning that, apart from hazardous and dangerous materials, it suits a wide range of items that can be stored. Also, it is available at short notice, helping those that need storage urgently.

Having said this how do you go about booking a unit?

How to Arrange a Storage with Stop & Store

At Stop & Store Penrith we make booking a self storage unit as easy as possible. All the arrangements can be made electronically. Simply provide us with your details and we will send you an electronic document to sign. Once you have paid the first month’s rent, we give you instant access and you can move in. It’s as simple as that!

Wherever you are in the area, be it Hutton John, Penruddock, Thacktwaite, Troutbeck, Stainton, Newbiggin, Sockbridge, Barton, Redhills, Flusco, Greystoke, Motherby, Threlkeld, Keswick, Watermillock, Pooley Bridge, Yanwath, Pategill, Farihill, Eamont Bridge, Clifton, Newton Rigg or Penrith itself, you can do all this online or through a single phone call.

The details you should know if you want to phone, email, or book online through our website are https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/ or

Our number, which is 01768 800291

We would love to help you if you have any queries about storage.