Everyone needs extra space at some stage of their lives. Hiring a self storage unit will solve this lack of space issue. It allows you to store those belongings that you may not need regularly, but that you do not want to get rid of permanently.

One of the most important positives of self storage is that you can keep these belongings safely packed in your unit for as long as you need to. You never need to worry about running out of space at home when you have the option of a self storage unit nearby.

Some Reasons Why People Need Self Storage

1. Moving Home

The main reason why people use self storage is when they relocate or move. As any of us who have moved can testify, moving home can be very stressful. Even a relatively uncomplicated move of moving from one small apartment to another can run into snags. So relocating your entire family to a city far away, or even to another country presents its own problems and hurdles.

These are some of the different circumstances that may lead to needing a self-storage unit during a move.

    • A change in relationship status.

      This could be caused through the death of a spouse, a divorce, or moving in with your partner. With the death of a partner it often means having to downsize. There may be loads of belongings and furniture to sort through and decisions need to be made as to whether these must be sold, or whether the family members want to keep them. The children may not be in a position to take some of these items on, but don’t want to get rid of them either. This is where hiring a storage unit is a good option. These items can be kept for as long as is needed until the beneficiaries are in a  position to take them in.

    • Dates of your move do not coincide.

      If you need to be out of your old home by the end of the month for example, but you can only take up residence in your new home at the end of the following month, you have a problem as you need a place to keep a household of belongings for a month. At Stop & Store Fareham we have different sized units, the largest of which can store the contents of a 3-bedroomed home. It is a bit inconvenient to move your goods twice, but your stuff will be safe with us, and you will not lose your house sale over the closing date issue.

    • A student moving into digs.

      Students normally have to vacate their accommodation for the long summer vacation. Instead of moving their furniture back home (which may be in another part of the country), many students choose to keep their stuff in a storage unit near to the university over the holidays.

    • Going on a sabbatical or transferring to an overseas office?

      If you are leaving for a year or so, you may not wish to sell off your possessions, but you need to clear out your home or apartment so that you can rent it out. This is where a storage unit is a good option. You can keep your stuff safely and have something to come back to.

    • Staging your home for a quick sale.

      Most realtors will tell you that space sells a house – in fact, that is maybe the reason you are moving to a new home. So by packing up and moving those items that are not in daily use, your seasonal clothing, your camping equipment, and even your sporting equipment, you will ensure that your home is ready for showing to prospective buyers. By decluttering the spaces you can be sure to impress buyers.

2. To Prepare for an Addition to Your Family

If you are expecting a new baby you will need to get the nursery ready. If you haven’t had a baby before, the first thing that will amaze you is how much stuff they need! Cot, compactum, strollers, prams, high chairs – the list goes on and on. Often you will need to clear out a room for this purpose. Instead of getting rid of this furniture, consider putting it into storage. It wont be too long before you need it again as children grow up quickly.

3. During a Home Renovation

If you are planning an extensive home renovation or even if you are redecorating, you will need to pack your belongings up and put them somewhere for safekeeping. If you leave them in the house they are sure to get damaged by the contractors who need space to work freely. Using a self storage unit will assist your contractors to have the space to work efficiently, and hopefully complete your renovation on time.

4. Storing Seasonal Items and Sports Equipment

Not many homes have the space to comfortably store seasonal items including camping equipment and clothing that only gets used for a few months a year. The same holds for sports equipment, including skiing and other winter sports equipment, kayaks, golf clubs, and bikes, which can take up a lot of space. These items are expensive to replace so need to be stored carefully in the off-season or when they are not in use. A self storage unit will keep this equipment safely for as long as you need them stored.

Stop & Store Fareham Self Storage Facility

Why do our customers use us? Please look at the customer reviews on our website.

  • Our storage facility is completely secured and  protected by monitored CCTV cameras and intruder alarms, so you can be sure your belongings are safe.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, and to assist you make the right decision as to the size of storage unit you will need there is a handy space calculator on our website.
  • Our units are safe and dry.
  • Stop & Store Fareham is centrally situated in the Thackeray Mall, in the heart of the town. We are user friendly making the unloading and loading of your goods easy. Our road access is handy.

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