The reasons why people need self storage facility are many and varied. Renting a unit is growing in popularity as more and more people make use of self storage facilities. This is because storage space is at a premium in our homes. We seem to have so many belongings that we cannot do without, but that we don’t have space for. What immediately comes to mind is seasonal gear such as camping or sports equipment. It is bulky to store but is really only used a few times a year. This equipment needs to be stored carefully as it is expensive to replace. It is also bulky which makes it difficult to store at home.

Businesses often need extra space for storage. Renting a self storage unit rather than moving to bigger premises or storing extra goods in a warehouse makes good financial sense.

These are some the of reasons why more and more people are using self storage such as our facility, Stop & Store Fareham.

Reasons Homeowners Use Self Storage

  1. The most popular reason people make use of a self storage facility in our experience is when they relocate to a new home. Packing up a household of furniture and belongings is a stressful event in anyone’s life, even if it involves moving from one small apartment to another. If your new location is some distance away, it is often impossible to do it all in one go, so a self storage unit comes in very handy. As you pack your belongings up you can take the boxes to your storage unit. This enables you to keep your packing organised as you can begin with the items that you don’t need on a daily basis first, get them out of your way and not be falling over boxes for the next few weeks.If you need to sell your home before you move, pack up your excess belongings and take them to your storage unit. This will enable you to show your home in the best possible light to potential buyers. This is the way to get the highest price for your home.Often when selling one home and buying another one, the dates of moving out of the old one and moving in to the new one do not coincide. This can present a problem of what to do with your stuff if you have a time lapse. Not many people can call on their family or friends to store the contents of their old home while they wait for the move in date. This is where renting a self storage unit can be of great assistance. At Stop & Store Fareham our large units are able to store the contents of a three bedroomed home. Many of our customers are people who find themselves in this situation.
  2. If you live centrally as opposed to in the suburbs, chances are that your home is a lot smaller and you do not have a lot of space to store any extras such as bikes, sporting equipment like golf clubs and fishing gear, camping equipment, and even your seasonal clothes. This is a good reason to hire a self storage unit. It will act as an additional room where you can keep your extra goods. So instead of moving to a bigger apartment or home at great extra expense because you have run out of space, you can hire a self storage unit to fix this problem.
  3. Our self storage units are very popular for people who are carrying out renovations, extending their homes, or redecorating. Builders and traders prefer to carry out their work in a home that is not filled with furniture and belongings because this type of work is dirty and dusty. Your possessions are likely to suffer damage if they are left in situ, so it is in your interest to pack them up and move them to a self storage unit where you can be assured of their safety.
  4. A death in the family is an emotional time when the ones that are left behind have to clear out the home. Instead of making these difficult decisions about possessions while in an emotionally tough space, it may be worthwhile putting these assets into a self storage facility and dealing with them when you are feeling stronger.
  5. Divorce or separation is another time when a house clearance is necessary. Normally belongings have to be sorted out and divided. If the new property is smaller than the previously shared property there may be some possessions that need to be put into storage in the interim while decisions are made as to what to do about them.
  6. You may be a student taking a gap year, or, if you are working, your company may be sending you abroad. You do not want to sell your belongings as you will need them when you get back, so storing a few boxes or even more, in a storage unit will keep them safe until you return. The fact that Stop & Store Fareham has competitive rates and offer both long term and short term storage makes it popular with students and working people who need a place to keep their belongings safely.

Why Choose Self-Storage in Fareham?

Stop & Store Fareham is an ideally located self storage facility at the Thakeray Mall, Fareham providing great access for the offloading, safe storage, and loading into and out of the unit. With dimensions varying from 12 square feet to up to 200 square feet, it offers a great range of sizes. With this flexibility you have many storage options to suit your needs.

Our security measures are second to none, with CCTV that is monitored 24/7, well lit perimeter, and access is limited to our customers.

We can book your storage unit online, and once you have paid, you receive an access PIN so that you can begin storing your belongings immediately.

Just take time to arrange a time to visit, view or call us to book a unit when you require self storage.

Check our website for any specials we may be running, and also to read some of our customers’ reviews.

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