Self storage facilities are a great way for individuals and companies to organise and secure their stuff. But keep in mind that insurance is essential for safeguarding your priceless possessions while they are being stored. So why is it important for insurance when using self storage? Without insurance, the unexpected—such as fire, theft, or damage—won’t completely cover your belongings. It is imperative that you insure your stored items to guarantee that they are constantly covered and safe.

To ensure the security of your belongings in case of unanticipated events, do not ignore insurance when using self storage. Ignoring your self storage unit’s insurance coverage is a serious error that could have disastrous repercussions. Here, we go over the significance of having self storage insurance and the reasons it is a must for anyone using a self storage facility.

Theft and Burglary

Protects your belongings in case of theft or burglary at the storage facility.


Provides coverage in the event of intentional damage or vandalism to your stored items.

Natural Disasters

Offers financial protection for your belongings in case of natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, or storms.

Accidental Damage

Covers accidental damage to your items, whether caused by you, another tenant, or the storage facility staff.

Liability Coverage

Some insurance policies include liability coverage, protecting you in case someone is injured on the storage facility premises and claims your belongings caused the injury.

Third-Party Liability

You are protected if your stored items cause damage to another person’s property or belongings.

Inadequate Security Measures

Even with security measures in place at storage facilities, insurance provides an extra layer of protection in case of security breaches.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your items are insured provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life without constant worry about potential losses.

Storage Facility Mishaps

Insurance can cover your belongings in case of accidents or mishaps within the storage facility, such as a roof collapse or plumbing issues.

No Coverage Under Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Being homeowners or renters insurance doesn’t adequately cover items in storage or has limitations, self-storage insurance becomes crucial.

Temporary Storage

Whilst you’re temporarily storing items during a move or renovation, insurance ensures your possessions are protected during the transition.

Valuable and Sentimental Items

Whether you’re storing valuable or sentimental items, having insurance ensures you can recover their financial value if something goes wrong.

Always carefully review the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, understand coverage limits, and be aware of any exclusions to ensure your specific storage needs are adequately addressed.

It is imperative, not optional, to obtain insurance for your self-storage unit. It provides defence against unanticipated events that can jeopardise your stored goods, such as theft, mishaps, natural catastrophes, and others. It also offers piece of mind and aids in meeting legal requirements, all for a comparatively small price. It is advisable to purchase insurance while renting a self-storage unit in order to protect your possessions and financial security. Never forget that handling a loss’ aftermath without the right covering is worse than being ready.

Be Secure – Get Insured

Ignoring insurance when using self storage can be a costly mistake.

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