You may or may not be surprised when you are looking for a self-storage unit that the storage facility is very busy. Sometimes there may even be a waiting period for a storage unit. It explains the popularity of storage units nowadays.

But take heart: the best part of it all is that when a storage unit is available, you can move in at very short notice.

This is because storage units are easy to book. It’s done online, you pay, get access, and move in. One-two-three and you are in in next to no time.

And that’s part of the reason why storage units are so popular. They are geared to give customers the space they want when its needed. And oh, another secret to share is that  storage units are very affordable.

At Stop & Store we have many satisfied customers that have in the past and are presently using a storage unit at our facility in Fareham. Over the years we have analyzed the reason why our customers need a storage unit. The reasons are as expected, however there are a few surprises we thought you’d be interested in.

Almost half our customers use a storage unit to store goods in because they are moving, perhaps a higher number than we all expected.

Let’s have a look at the overall picture.

When is A Storage Unit Needed?

Moving is always a stressful experience. This is because it causes an upheaval in life that disrupts the normal day to day pattern of life. Whether a home, apartment, office, or student dormitory, packing up and resettlement is a process that throws lives into disarray.

In many of the instances, a storage unit will help reduce the stress and provide a good answer to some of the problems that could occur when the move takes place.

Reasons for Moving

You may have to clean up to stage your house: By storing all the messy items that make your house less attractive, you can smarten up your house when you want to sell it.

When you must find space to store your possessions between rentals or relocating to a new place, simply store your household goods in a storage unit. It’s a cheap and easy option.

Same goes if you are travelling on holiday and need to put your goods in safekeeping for a while.

Even if you are downsizing and have no space for the excess household goods, it’s cheaper to store them in a storage unit while you make arrangements to sell or donate.

We also have instances where two homes are being consolidated. (think of people moving in together, or granny moving in with daughter and family). In these cases, self-storage units are an excellent solution to storage needs.

For a Business

At Stop & Store, we have seen how well suited a storage unit is for the storage of inventory for a small business. Not only is it an affordable storage solution, but the terms and conditions are well suited to entrepreneurs not wishing to tie into a lease situation with traditional rental space providers.

It’s best suited to contractors or service agents wishing to keep tools and inventory safe, while book dealers and antique restorers find it an attractive proposition too.

Most of all the security and ease of offloading and loading of deliveries is a huge advantage to business owners, not to mention the cheap storage a storage unit provides.

Dealing with a Deceased Estate

This is not a pleasant time. Often there are more onerous things to arrange, and at the core of everything are the possessions of the deceased person that are at risk when they have been left behind.

Putting stuff into a storage unit buys some time while matters get sorted out and assures their security at the same time.

You are a Student

It’s summer break and you need to find a place for your dorm stuff. Or you may have been forced into a lockdown situation and are having to move back home for a while. Same thing, simply put it into self-storage for the time you need to.

Self-storage units near Colleges are an incredibly attractive option for students and are very convenient and affordable too.

You Are Working from Home

At the rapid rate we have all been locked down at home to carry on our work routine, many people had to make a hasty plan to establish a quiet place to work. Usually, it involved occupying a space filled with household goods in places like an unoccupied bedroom or somewhere private.

In these situations, storage units provided a good place to store goods that needed clearing to make space for a good home office.

When You are Fixing Up Your Home

Home renovators find a storage unit a perfect place to store their household possessions when doing alterations and upgrades to their house.

It may sound like a big effort to move everything for a number of weeks, but those that know assure us that its worth the effort as furniture and personal effects will be kept in excellent condition while in self-storage.

How to Arrange a Storage Unit?

Choose a storage unit from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft in size. Whether you have a small or big consignment to store, there is one for you. It could be for any of the reasons above, which is why we have tailored our storage units to accommodate any of the above occasions.

Hiring a storage unit is a popular way to solve your space problem as its safe, has no contract to be signed and you can hire storage space on a short term or long-term basis, dependent on your needs.

Handily situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in town, it has excellent access for loading and offloading.

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