Private and peaceful are two words that best describe a self storage unit. Maybe this is one of the less known reasons why self storage room is widely used across the globe. These unusual attributes make for a lot of creative uses, and as we will see there isn’t much that can’t be done in a self storage unit.

Opening the doors and having your own four walled storage room when needed is a very flexible option to create extra space for an idea that you may have.

Normally located in a non-residential area, a storage facility is by design meant for storing personal and business effects for those who have a space constraint. It means that any cleaning up, clearing or downsizing of a home can be done with the backup of a self storage unit. Personal items that need to be secured can be done with ease.

The idea is to find a self storage facility nearby. Location is everything, because if the intention is to use it frequently, then the distance should be as short as possible. Embracing all these attributes is Stop & Store Penrith, one of the many storage facilities in the Stop & Store group.

It’s central location in Cumbria provides the ease of access, privacy and peaceful surroundings that embrace all the good aspects of a storage facility. It means that a storage unit rental here is an ideal storage space for those wanting to be creative.

Let’s have a look at what can be done with a self storage unit.

Peace and Quiet Encourages Productivity

Focus and concentration are two aspects that help us get things done. There is no doubt that by doing so productivity escalates and creativity flows.

Which is why the strangest things are being done in a self storage unit. Band members can meet regularly, not worrying about being disturbed by others to get together and write songs, practice, and record their music.

No need to take down the instruments either, as they can safely stay there in storage and be used when needed again. Once done, the strong security door of the insulated self storage container unit is secured with a padlock, and everything is as safe as a house until next time. It’s ideal for the purpose.

Same can be said for those with an artistic bent, and in an area like the Lake District there is plenty of inspiration to be had that could lead to an excellent canvas.

Not only may a self storage unit be used for the storage of artworks, for which is perfect and commonly used, but also, it’s a perfect place to go to paint the canvas in the solitude and peace that the storage facility offers.

These being just two creative uses, what about a place for personal exercise and strength toning? Yes, this is often the case with users who create a personal gym, or a few dedicated gym bunnies that use a self storage unit for exercise purposes.

Convenience and Price are Important

When funding an extra mural activity like described there may be a limited budget available, so having to pay for space may be something that was never planned.

Many call self-storage budget storage, and for good reason: it’s cheap storage that is available at short notice and is extremely secure. Storage prices per square foot are about the lowest available. So, the cost-benefit factor, being the peace, privacy, security and on top of it all, the convenience of having a self storage unit that can be called entirely your own far outweighs the price of self storage.

Storage Rooms: How Big are They?

At this point it may be an idea to try and visualize a typical self storage insulated container unit size. Can one stand in it? The answer is affirmative, as there is ample clearance above your head, with the height being over eight feet.

Depending on what sort of activity is planned inside the unit, we can tell you from experience that many interesting projects are going on in self storage store rooms.

Used by fashion designers, photographers and video editors, the internal layout for these creative activities has been found to be ample and the space enough to work creatively and store materials. As a back up for storage of promotion materials, costumes or stock for an internet business, a self storage room is more than adequate.

With a length of almost three meters, this storage room provide the depth needed to work comfortably too, and even accommodate a work surface and seating such as a table with chairs.

Self Storage Room is Versatile

A rental unit provides storage solutions across the spectrum of users, whether personal storage, household storage or business storage. Most users repeat storage rentals as and when they are needed, moving in and out of self storage with ease.

Also, the storage facility allows flexible periods for rentals, so that if short-term storage is required, the client only uses it for a month at a time. Long-term rentals often have an added incentive to store for extended periods, to the advantage of the user. This could come in the form of discounts, so don’t forget to enquire about this when making your storage unit rental.

Hiring a Storage Room Rental is Quick and Simple

In case you are wondering if it is difficult to hire a storage rental, be assured that it is a quick and simple process. The main thing is to ensure that you are happy with the storage facility that you have chosen, and the rest is an elementary process, and you don’t even have to go anywhere to obtain one.

By looking on the website of the storage facility you have chosen, fill in the contact form with your details, or send them an email. You are sure to get a quick reply from Stop & Store Penrith, and once we have your information the rest is done electronically too.

Access will be provided once you have given the first month’s payment, and then you can move in.

Alternately, give us a call when you need storage, and we will be at your service.

Our office number is 01768 800291 and website details are: