It comes as no surprise that many of us find ourselves short of space from time to time. Whatever the reason, and there are many that could lead to this situation, have no fear, help is at hand. In case you are wondering what that solution may be, it is the availability of extra space in the form of storage rooms at a self storage unit.

If you happen to be in the Kendal area with this requirement, the good news is that Stop & Store, a reputable storage provider now has a storage facility near you.

It’s good news because finding cheap storage in Kendal is a solution to both homeowners and businesspeople who are looking for extra space in a hurry.

The popularity of storage facilities in Cumbria bears testament to the wide range of purposes they are used for. Stop & Store Kendal will bring storage solutions to those that want to rent in a hurry. Booking is so simple, and access is quick. This means if you are stuck for storage space you may even be able to move in the same day.

To understand why storage units are so useful and how to use them to full advantage here are some suggestions:

Storage Solutions When you are Stuck for Space

Getting stuck with a pile of goods to store can be a big problem. Besides the fact that they may get in the way of the normal course of business or cause obstructions at home. However, when organizing your goods for storage in a storage unit, there are some handy things to know before you take them there.

Work out the Volume You Need to Store

Once you have assembled everything that you want to store it is advisable to calculate the volume of goods so that you can choose the correct sized storage unit to rent.

Packing should be done in an organized way so that as a renter you make the most of the space available.

Consideration has been made at Stop & Store Kendal to provide a storage solution across a range of storage unit sizes. The size range is as follows:

  • 43 sq ft
  • 65 sq ft
  • 89 sq ft

If you are not sure whether your load will fit a particular storage unit, best give our office a call for some guidance, we’d be more than happy to help you.

Be Organized When Packing

If you are going to pack in boxes or plastic containers, then there is a tried and tested formula that assists you find something after you have packed it. By keeping a record of the contents of each box, and packing them in a logical manner, you will be sure to locate what you need with ease.

Pack room by room, cupboard by cupboard so that things are not mixed up or packed in a haphazard way

By mapping out your unit it is also possible to store your boxes in a manner that makes them easy to find later.

Those items that you are likely to need during storage should be packed at the front of the storage unit for easy access.

Take Your Time, Start Early

Packing is normally a thankless job. However, if you are making space available for something else it serves a good purpose. Having said that just a word of warning. It sometimes takes longer than you think, and often there is more than you thought you’d need to pack when you first thought of the idea.

This means that you should give yourself lots of time to pack. As soon as you delve into the back of the kitchen cupboards you will be astounded to find utensils and cooking apparatus that you rarely use. If this sounds familiar, then you would know that starting early is a clever idea.

Then it comes to a highly congested place like the garage. This is normally filled with a lot of stuff that is never used. This will be a suitable time to throw way and have a good cleanout before just transferring the redundant to another location.

A handy tip when packing furniture for storage is to remove pieces that can obstruct the path of easy storage, like the legs or mirrors. Remember to pack in such a way as to make the most of the space you have, like packing pieces that fit snugly into each other.

Clothes should be cleaned and ironed, neatly folded in boxes, and wrapped in a way that they come out the way they went into storage.

There we go, now you are ready for storage.

Make Use of Height in Self Storage

While a storage facility does promise a dry storage environment there is always a possibility of some moisture coming up through the floor over time when goods are stored on it. This is why we recommend elevating your stored goods off the floor. It may be that you bring in a pallet or some racking when you come to the storage unit for the first time and prepare the area accordingly.

While you are doing this, it is also an opportunity to mark the shelves so that you know exactly where everything is.

By using height, you not only keep everything raised off the floor, but also limit the damage that may occur because of pests and damp.

Stacking in a storage unit is also a clever idea, however in most instances being able to attach anything to the walls is limited. These conditions will be stipulated in your contact with the self storage facility.

Stacking is the most secure using plastic crates or double walled corrugated cardboard boxes, which can fit on top of each other to give you the maximum usage of height in your self storage unit.

How to Rent a Storage Unit

Renting is quick and easy, and if you are in a hurry then the best is to do the booking over the phone. There is the monthly fee (which we prorate for you if it’s a middle-of-the month move in), and a £45 refundable deposit. Once paid, we will give you the access you need.

Stop & Store Kendall self storage facility, opens in the new year, so if you need storage soon, we will be located at the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

Our opening times are from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm for your convenience.

If you would like to rent a unit, please contact us on