There is nothing like an independent review to help create an impression about the product or service you are looking for. As a guide to what others think, it helps with decision-making when looking to spend money and you are not sure whether you are getting the best offering available.

This applies to almost every offering that is being marketed, including self storage. One would think that all self storage facilities are the same, but this is far from the case. There are many nuances and differentiating factors to consider when it comes to choosing a self storage rental. In many cases reading the reviews on their website will give a good idea about whether you are choosing the right one.

As there are many aspects involved in the way self storage is run, by reading self storage reviews, the prospective renter can get a better picture of the professionalism of the self storage facility.

Stop & Store Penrith, which is a well-run self storage business serving the Penrith area, provides storage solutions that are secure and a pleasant experience for renters. Since its establishment, it has filled the niche of storage needs in central Cumbria.

A review has an influence.

Apart from calling to ask questions when first looking for a self storage facility nearby, or getting a referral from somebody else that has used the facility, a review is one of the best ways to make a judgment about the self storage facility you intend using.

For example, the review that is posted on the Stop & Store Penrith self storage website from a past user reads as follows:

Nicola Gifford

“Excellent storage units, clean, insulated, and watertight. Security top-notch, gated, padlocks, CCTV. Rented for the best part of a year and will rent again if needed in the future, with no hesitation. Highly recommend to anyone looking for storage, Jon is very helpful and friendly.”

Immediately an impression can be formed that tells you about the condition of the self storage units, the service levels, and the security. As security is one of the main features of self storage any lingering doubt about the high levels of security at this facility is dispelled by the information posted by the previous user.

Another review will provide the answers to further questions that the would-be renter may have:

Ella Jarman-Pinto

“Communication was absolutely brilliant and very responsive. It was easy to access the space, and the instructions were clear. The storage space itself was well-insulated, clean, and extremely secure. The deposit was returned really quickly once we stopped using the space. I’d definitely use them again, absolutely fab service, thank you”

In this self storage reviews, the quick return of deposit is mentioned which assures the reader of this matter, the condition of the self storage units is affirmed, and again the interaction between the customer and the management of the storage facility, Stop & Store Penrith, in this case, is praised.

Some storage facilities offer extra benefits when contacted and issues like pricing are discussed. From the following review of the self storage unit, it appears that this storage facility is well-priced:

Jean Jeal

“Used a storage unit at Stop and Store for 4 months. What a great find! Very reasonable prices when compared to other storage companies in the area. The containers were brand new, and I rented one of the largest, which was a perfect size”

Reviews offer a good way to take away any concerns that the potential client may have. It also helps promote the credibility of the storage facility or the product offered. A negative review can have the reverse effect and will damage the reputation of the service or product.

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Most people don’t bother to post reviews, but when things go bad, they are quick to complain and tell others. This means that any review that is posted generally is done when the customer feels deeply about an issue. The service was really good, they had a wonderful experience or vice versa.

Why are Reviews so Important?

Reviews can be used to post on social media as a way to promote the business. As social media is a very powerful tool to influence clients, the review can be used as a testimonial that is someone else’s opinion about the business, its service, and the experience they had with the brand.

It also helps build a level of trust that the client has in the business, assuring them of the choice they are about to make so that they can go forward with confidence.

We also saw from the review above that they immediately give affirmation and insight into some of the crucial issues, like service and security that the client is wondering about. Again, because someone else is saying it, this provides a level of authenticity, and they are not just words expressed on the website.

Reviews are also good for the business owner who can use the feedback that reviews provide to improve their business. While some may not be nice, the information should be seen as a way to rectify any shortcomings of the business in order to be better in the future.

Using Reviews to Increase Business

Reviews are also a form of free marketing, provided by someone who is talking from experience. These reviews help the business get more conversions or users and are a useful tool in the marketing mix.

Reviews also help to reaffirm that the storage offering will be good, creating positive expectations in advance, and relieving the client of any doubt about issues that may have worried them at the start.

Now that we have shown some of our self storage reviews, we are happy that our self storage offering has the confidence of our clients. But we won’t rest on our laurels and aim to be the best self storage facility in Cumbria.

Feel free to contact us if you need any further details, we’d love to hear from you.

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