There will always come a time in our lives when we need safe self storage. Our human nature is to acquire possessions and in the process of doing so we will need to find space to store them. At the time of buying a new addition to our lives, we seldom think of where we are going to keep the item, as we just would like to have it in our home or workspace.

Well, it is lucky that we can, and equally lucky that there are safe self storage units available when needed for that extra space when things get tight. After all our possessions are sure to be valuable, and a safe place of storage will be needed.

Stop & Store Penrith have strategically placed their storage facility for the convenient use by residents and businesses in the area to ensure that when needed, they have a safe storage option for their possessions. We are positioned to provide the perfect storage experience, with the emphasis on customer service excellence.

However, in choosing a self storage facility we encourage would-be renters to consider the main features of choosing self storage for their goods.

Why would You Choose a Self Storage Unit?

The need to rent a storage unit comes at unexpected times. And the reason it is needed are not all the same. However, one thing is for sure, you would want it nearby, so that you can get in and out of it when you need to. Also, the hours need to be flexible and suit your needs, because having access and being within reach would be one of your main considerations.

There should be no need to spend the whole day getting stuff from your storage unit when a quick in and out would be your best option. The fact is that you may need to collect and replenish your storage unit regularly, so a location that is in easy reach will be your first choice.

Well, perhaps there are some other factors, like a good price, friendly staff, and security assurance, but location is right there on top of the list. A self storage facility that is easy to reach, perhaps just off a highway, or close to town, but in a place that is not too congested will mean that your turnaround time for loading or offloading is short, saving you time, saving you money together.

It goes without saying that the place where the storage facility is located should also be in an area that is comfortable for you to go to, after all you would want to feel safe personally and have your stored goods secure too.

Cost vs Risk Considerations in Storage

It stands to reason that one would store money in a safe, under lock and key. It will mean that there is minimal risk of the money getting stolen. Agree? But when the size and amount of goods that you deem to be of value is large, obviously a safe will be impractical.

Minimizing the risk of theft, damage, or harm to the goods you intend to store will always come at a cost. And if you are clever, which we are sure you are, you’d look for the most cost-effective way to protect the safety of your goods when they are in storage.

This is the reason why self storage is the number one choice, it is affordable storage that is one of the safest.

  • Storage conditions must be right

Finding the right environment to store things is equally important. Many of us have experience of finding our stored goods damaged when they have been in an attic, basement or shed for a while having been left unattended. This damage could have been from moisture, where damp conditions cause warping of wood or mould developing on surfaces.

Alternately vermin or other pests could have made their way into the packaging looking for warmth and food, resulting in further damage.

One would want to avoid this happening at all costs, which is where a self storage unit comes into play as the preferred choice. One would expect to find an insulated environment that regulates the self storage unit at ambient temperature, and a storage facility that has an approved pest control regime in place.

As with Stop & Store Penrith, these are some of the essential features on offer, making sure that whatever is stored in the insulated container will not be exposed to any of these dangers.

  • Suitable sizes offered

Make sure that you rent a unit that is the size you need. Ask about the sizes on offer, as these will give you a tailor-made storage solution. In the case of Stop & Store Penrith there are three sizes available, from two metres, three metres and four metres in size.

It means that you can safely store a small load of household goods up to a boat if you wish. Knowing the dimensions of your storage rental unit helps you plan your layout before you store the goods. In this way it helps make the most of space available.

  • Security is key

Restricted access and monitored security are features of self storage facilities. As the only keyholder to a double barred container door that accommodates two locks, the combination of all these features provides excellent security.

Think about the store you are intending to use and ask yourself if the security measures match up to a self storage rental.

Get Down to Safe Storage with Stop & Store Penrith

There is a clear reason why self storage units come to mind first when the issue of safe storage is discussed. The fact is that they are easily available and accessible is an added benefit, while square foot for square foot they are the cheapest option available.

When looking for a self storage facility consider the security measures in place, their design for easy access and judge the service on how the staff react to your enquiry. At Stop & Store Penrith you can expect the best, as we aim to deliver an excellent storage experience.

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