So, you have decided that working from home works for you? Ok, now that it’s become a routine thing, why not continually improve your home office so that it is a more comfortable situation for all. Most of us will remember the move to working from home, thrust upon us in a hurry when the scourge of the pandemic hit us.

Now we are so used to it and at times our home may look more like an office than a home. This of course is not ideal, as the extra furniture, office equipment, paperwork, and inventory has slowly been increasing in volume taking up more space.

This is where having more storage rooms comes in handy and gives you relief from the cramped circumstances. Is finding addition storage rooms difficult? The answer is no. Self storage rooms are freely available in most places to help you solve your space problem.

At Stop & Store Penrith our storage facility is handily situated near the town of Penrith on the A66. The storage rooms are securely housed in a building providing safe storage rooms for rental.

The proximity to town and the ease of access has all be well thought out to give you easy access to additional storage rooms you may need when your home office becomes cluttered and needs clearance.

When are Extra Storage Rooms Needed?

There are undoubted advantages to working from home. Less travel means that time is more productively spent on other things more meaningful, and if your business is a start-up, working from home is a way of helping reduce overheads.

While it may be convenient, there will come a time when it’s not as convenient as you had hoped, and circumstances arise that require you to change the way you are operating.

  • You Are Growing

We all work to grow our business, but when it happens what do you do about the confined space that you have been working in? You may need to bring someone new on board: where do you put them?

You have extra inventory to store: where can you find a storage room to put it all?

These are typical signs of growth that require you to make a plan and find extra space.

Even the amount of admin in a growing business, or the need to hold more meetings at you home office requires you to make a plan and find extra space in what used to be your private home, now a public place for your business.

  • You House is a mess

It’s inevitable that your work activities will result in your house becoming cluttered. Think of the paper alone that gets generated. You have stopped working at the lounge table and have put in a new desk and added furniture and office equipment. All this takes space, and as the business grows more is needed. This all needs cleaning on a regular basis, as normal business activities generate waste of some form.

  • You Are getting Interrupted When its Business

Expect your home life to creep into the business at the most inopportune time. You are on a Zoom call and the grandkids arrive. They can’t wait to see you and are unaware of your important call.

These kinds of distractions are to be expected and can be detrimental to the professional approach you want to convey. Think of what your potential customer will think when your dog starts barking in your ear. it doesn’t seem professional, does it?

  • Your “Me” Time is Being Reduced.

One of the advantages of traveling to work was the “me time” that it offered you, even with the frustrations of the traffic. It was time you could listen to the radio, or your music in the car. Now you miss that. Your routine has changed.

This is where you need to find time for yourself, go for a walk, mix with your friends where you can even if it’s through other means than physically getting together.

Moving Ahead, Finding More Storage Room

Taking your start up business to the next level is a big decision to make. You’ve had it cozy at home and it is working quite well. The only problem is that things are bursting out of there, and now you need to do something about it.

Finding a commercial location is fine. But you must ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment of a long lease? And then you will have to find the right location. You will be obliged to erect signage, furnishings and ensure that you get all the utilities are in order.

It may be worth it, if you are sure of your road ahead and are prepared to make the commitment. You will need a solicitor to help, and ensure you have adequate Insurance.

Is there an alternative? Sure, there is.

Self storage is a way to go when you need extra storage rooms to store the mounting business-related things that are taking up space. It could be the paperwork that you are required to archive, inventory that needs to be held, or even a vehicle that needs to be parked securely.

Before you make any other arrangement investigate the benefits of self storage to provide you with the additional storage rooms you require for your business.

Just Rent a Storage unit When You need Storage Room

Renting a self storage unit as easy as making a cup of tea. It can be done online or on the phone. Unlike the trouble you must go to rent a commercial property, finding a self storage unit to rent can be done in a day. It’s done remotely as well, so you don’t have to go anywhere.

Conveniently situated for easy access, Stop & Store Penrith is just on the outskirts of Penrith, accessible in all directions for those looking for storage rooms in Cumbria to store household or business goods.

Make contact with us as soon as you require storage rooms, and we will give you a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us on