How far does one go to save a friendship? Have you ever been in a position where a friendship has been spoilt by a single action? Something regrettable that has happened that could have been avoided. Cheap Storage Unit

If this sounds familiar then don’t feel alone, it happens often, and given that more care and thought could have been given to the occasion it happened, many friendships could be saved this way.

This reminds us of a story that happened over Christmas, when the family was coming to stay, and a favour was asked of a neighbour. Ok, so things happened in a hurry, but still, more consideration of the consequences of the action taken could have saved a friendship.

When one thinks of how much time it takes to make a friend, then is it worth making hasty decisions to jeopardize this? But knowing that friends help friends, it is often hard to say no to a friend when asked to do something to help.

The family decided to arrive on holiday at short notice. The guest bedroom was filled with all kinds of junk, clothes and furniture and old electronics. Ok to be honest as a householder and being a bit of a hoarder, a lot of this stuff could be thrown out, but there was no time to do a de-junk, the room just had to be free of everything.

When finding cheap storage space alternatives, it’s sometimes easier to find the shortest route. Knowing that the neighbour was renovating a cottage, which was empty at the time, with the builders on recess, it seemed the obvious place to store the contents of the bedroom.

This is where the problem started.

Making Friends and Keeping Them

Friendship is a precious gift given to us when two people develop trust in each other. Often, it’s helped by the sharing of common interests and values. Ove time friends are known to give each other gifts, a thoughtful gesture which is done as an expression of their generosity and feeling for each other.

As friends, there will be frequent exchange of me0ssages on their mobiles, a sharing of daily experiences, ups and downs, all of which help provide support and encouragement through the daily grind of life.

Times will arise when friends travel or go places to enjoy events, the outdoors or special occasions that are made even more memorable through their close association. This will provide a history of stories to be told in future, to be shared with joy for the meaning they had.

Friends also make mistakes, and to apologize, forgive and forget is a gift that should not be ignored. If a friendship is deep enough, both parties will make up and stay friends.

When A Decision About Cheap Storage is Made in Haste

Back to the present. So, with the family coming something had to be done in a hurry. Everything was a mess, piles of stuff that had been stuffed into the room that no one was using. The pressure was building. The mistake that was made was the immediate consideration of storing it all in the garage, but where would the cars sleep, and would that be a safe thing to do.

Remembering that the neighbour had space available made the decision simple, money would be saved as it could be done without using expensive transport, and hey, there was no need to pay any rent.

The fact that there was a cheap storage unit conveniently located nearby didn’t even enter the frame. The affordable cost of self storage and the short-term duration were not even considered when they should have been. Even the transport to the self storage unit wouldn’t have been much.

This was the mistake that was made. Self storage units are there to provide convenient safe storage and make the renter independent from anyone else. Self storage can save friendships, keep things simple and provide secure storage whenever its needed.

Stop & Store Penrith is so conveniently located in Cumbria for easy access from any direction. The steel containers are large enough to accommodate more than a guest’s bedroom’s worth. Offloading is made easy through the design and position of the self storage units.

This should have been first choice, but alas it wasn’t, much to the detriment of the friendship.

The family decided to stay for weeks, the builders came back to the job, and all the stored items were in the way. this caused a big problem.

In hindsight, self storage would have saved the day, as it always does.

How Self Storage Works for You

The beauty of self storage is in the simplicity of it all. That’s why it’s so popular. Renting is easy, just go online or pick up the phone and book. Contracts run month to month, and they can be vacated at any time.

Having the access can be done rapidly in the case of emergencies like this one. It can be done the same day. A reasonable monthly fee is all that is asked. When the family extended their stay, a long-term discount could have been had, making the cheap storage in Penrith even cheaper. A bargain all round.

All that is needed are two locks to secure the thick heavy-duty bar that goes across the front to the self storage container. The insulation inside the self storage unit is designed to protect the contents from outside temperature variations.

Stop & Store Penrith have staff on standby to assist in whatever way is needed, so its well advised to give them a call when you are thinking about finding extra storage space in times like these. Consider how making self storage the first choice saves situations which could cause possible conflict. It’s a no-brainer and should be the storage solution every time.

Remember that when you need to rent a storage unit, the options are to do so by  phone, email, or online through our website, by going to or, call us any time at 01768 800291 and our friendly Stop & Store staff members will be pleased to assist.