Life changing events always upset routines, cause emotional distress, and create unforeseen problems. One of the common problems of a situational change at home is how to deal with possessions that need to be moved, disposed of, or stored.

The circumstances we are discussing come about in instances where there are two people moving in together for the first time, a newborn baby is born, or in the case of a divorce or separation. Another is when downsizing to a small house.

In many cases when this happens the first thing that comes to mind is to sell everything. However, its wiser to sit back and work things through, not being too hasty, and regretting your actions later.

Moving In together

When two people move in together its probably a sign that things are getting serious, as the relationship goes up a level.

Besides seeing if you are meant for each other, there are another testing scenarios that come into play. One of them is the style of place you want to live in. As tastes invariably differ, not all the combined possessions will be agreeable to each other.

You both may want to replace with new and select from the duplicated items which one is good to keep. In this experimental time with your potential partner for life, its about give and take.

Sometimes, despite all efforts, things don’t work out. What then? Our advice is perhaps to hold onto your goods, keep them until you know for sure, as it will save you if you have to start again. Self storage is your answer, even if its only for a while until you know for sure.

Self storage and a new baby

Bringing a new baby into the world is a magic event. Making way for your baby’s room is an especially important task normally started early on during pregnancy.

You’d want the baby’s room to be ready before birth, even though baby will normally sleep in your room at the beginning.

Most people have a dedicated room for a new baby, and to prepare the new nursery you will have to start by making way for baby’s furnishings in an existing room like a spare bedroom.

This means that the room needs to be cleared and its contents stored. Self storage is your best option because any other option likely to clutter your house.

It’s a bad idea to get rid of these things and when you baby gets older, he will need furniture like a bed and desk. You will be surprised too, how quickly that happens as soon baby will be crawling, then walking and next you know it, going to school.

In the rest of the house we advise you to remove any hazardous furniture, like glass tables, and put them into safekeeping as well.

Divorce or separation

An unfortunate fact of life is that not everyone is compatible with each other. A relationship may end up in a separation or a divorce. This results in a few problems, not least one or both having to relocate long with the household possessions.

The splitting and accommodation of the property you have lived in takes a long while to resolve. It may be mortgaged, or in one person’s name. One or more may have to move out, leaving some difficult discussions about its contents.

Either of you could have the problem of having to keep your possessions somewhere until everything is wrapped up.

The experience of many that have been through this ordeal is to give the matter some time to decide what to do with all the possessions, and not hastily sell them. Doing so could be something regretted at a later stage.

While new accommodation arrangements are being made keeping possessions safe and dry in self storage will give you peace of mind while you conclude matters. The convenience self storage deals offer in terms of the duration, size and great security offered makes this a wise and popular thing to do.

This means you can easily extend the term and go to your unit any time to collect anything you may need, anytime.

Downsizing for retirement

Another immensely popular use of self storage is when you are downsizing. Whether its for moving to a new retirement accommodation or simply because of economic circumstances, many people choose to store their excess furniture rather than sell it.

Sometimes this occurs for sentimental reasons, while others view life in a way that things will recover one day, and they will need their possessions. It seems a pity to have to dispose of things you’ve accumulated over the course of your life simply because you must. Rather, store them in a self storage unit.

Replacement value is always higher than resale value too, which makes ill-considered sale of your possessions, seemingly not a wise decision.

Why Choose Self-Storage in Fareham?

Stop & Store Fareham is an ideally located self storage facility at the Thakeray Mall, Fareham providing great access for the offloading, safe storage, and loading into and out of the unit. With dimensions varying from 12 square feet to up to 200 square feet, it offers a great range of sizes. With this flexibility you have many storage options to suit your needs.

You will meet our professional team who will always be ready to help you. The ease with which you can view and book your unit is also well-considered: Booking is done electronically after you have arranged an online viewing courtesy of one of our friendly staff members.

This is done by providing you with a temporary access code for you to view our units through our CCTV system. The modern security methods used ensure the safety of all the units. We are on site 12 hours a day during office hours, and you have access 24/7.

Just take time to arrange a time to visit, view or call us to book a unit when you require self storage.

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