Whether you are a tradesperson, or a DIY’er, you are likely to need a workshop to operate in. Many artisans that start out do so from their garage, and later expand to premises elsewhere when the financial position is stable and allows for it. This is when a storage solution is needed.

Because a workshop is normally a noisy place, even the garage is not ideal, but it is a launching pad for the future, and it won’t cost money for rental if it is part of the house.

As a business owner of course, you would be looking at affordable storage alternatives when the business starts to grow, and the risk involved in signing a long lease will always be over your head at the end of each month when you must pay the rent.

This is where Stop & Store Fareham can assist.

And perhaps it is for these reasons, both affordability and the absence of a lease that would-be storage hunters prefer self storage solution rentals.

The Need for Extra Space when Working Conditions are Cramped

Technicians and tradespeople need adequate space to do their work. There must be room for tools and machines to work on, and the area often becomes messy and cluttered.

Keeping tools in good order and at hand is essential as each one has a role to play in the kind of jobs that they do. However, it’s human nature and lack of care that causes the well-intended order of a workshop to descend into a disorganized outfit.

This is where storage methods come into play. Planning plays an important part in the way a workshop is arranged, and the ability of the staff to have the tools and equipment on hand to work efficiently.

Not everything in a workshop is used every day, and this is where the extra space at an affordable rate is most suitable for that extra space rental. Self storage is the most obvious choice for the storage of parts and repair items that are waiting to be done.

The great thing about self storage facilities is that they are very accessible for work-based applications like this. The storage facility will be designed to make it easy to load and offload and the security is assured.

Security of course is always a concern when it comes to storage of high value items, so a self storage rental must be the number one consideration when it comes to storage.

Getting the bulky items out of the workspace is an obvious way to make extra space to work in and will help keep the order required in the operation.

Effective storage systems play an important role in keeping workspaces efficient.

Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether in a garage, self storage unit or elsewhere, you would want to make the most of the space that you have available. Not only do storage methods play a big role, but so does the need to keep the working area clean and tidy. The two go hand in hand and a daily routine is advised. To improve your space and comfort the following is advised:

  • Eliminate the large, less used items from the workspace and store them elsewhere or get rid of them.
  • Do a workspace cleanout and reorganization as it will allow you to throw out junk and think about better ways to arrange your storage
  • Consider better lighting to illuminate your work area, as this helps productivity too.

Roll Out Storage Solution Systems

As you are likely to want to have your tools handy where you are working, a mobile system of storage is advisable. It means that by having a workbench that can accommodate your tools and have a work surface at the same time, a tradesperson can work more efficiently on the spot.

The other advantage is that at night the mobile unit can be wheeled away into a corner and parked there for the night while the car can be parked in the garage.  

Included in this storage unit can be all the loose accessories such as nails, brackets, bolts, and washers.

Vertical Storage Solution

If you are not making the most of the wall space available to you, then it is time to do so. There are often many square meters of wall that are bare, and even more above eye level that are not used for any form of storage.

By using the wall space available judiciously by using tried and tested wall units like for example a metal peg holder, a workshop will benefit a lot in terms of its storage organization.

The biggest benefit is that the tools on the peg board are visible, which means that if any tool has not been returned for the day, it is very obvious by its absence.

A pegboard is easy to install, the hooks come with the unit and the vertical installation. assures the workers in the work area that it doesn’t protrude into their space.

Self Storage Solution When You Need It

By augmenting the existing working area, self storage is a valuable aid when the business needs to grow. Even then, by taking two or more self storage unit rentals, the business does not need to afraid to take on extra business.

Stop & Store Fareham is well positioned to offer an affordable solution to an expanding business.

Security is assured by means of a 24/7 CCTV monitoring system, while a self storage renter is the only person with an individual PIN code access. Doors are securely sealed by means of the locks that you supply yourself, so it means that you will be the only key holder.

Choose unit sizes from 12 sq ft up to 200 sq ft and if you are unsure of which one will suit your needs, simply go onto our space calculator on our website as follows: https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/space-calculator/#/unit/listing.

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