Making use of a self storage unit can save the day in many different ways. Whether you are relocating to a new area and need to pack up your home, or when you need that storage space for your household goods while you renovate your home, or if you wish to store items of furniture that you may have inherited that have sentimental value to you, so you wish to keep rather than selling them, but you do not have the space for them at the present time, a self storage unit is the answer.

Self storage can be the answer to problems faced by business owners who need space to store their seasonal stock or promotional materials and merchandise. It is an alternative to renting expensive retail space, extra office space, or warehouse space. It will solve your problem as a business owner if you need to store extra office equipment and paperwork and you have run out of space at the office. Whether you are starting an online business or you are a tradesman who needs to keep your tools somewhere, hiring a self storage unit is worth your consideration. After all, these are your business’s assets that you do not want to risk being damaged or stolen, so finding a secure self storage facility such as Stop & Store Fareham will ensure your peace of mind.

Once you have decided to rent a self storage unit, how do you ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from it? Here are some self storage tips for you to follow.

  • When you are storing items of value, whether it be sentimental or monetary, the most important consideration is how safe will they be whilst in storage. If you store with us at our Stop & Store Fareham facility you can be assured that our security measures are far superior to what most people have at home. So always look for that facility that has CCTV cameras monitored 24/7 by professional security personnel, secure perimeter fencing and strictly controlled access. The area where the facility is situated needs to feel safe and well lit. This will lay to rest the biggest worry that people have about using self storage and that is that their goods may be stolen.
  • The key to avoiding breakages and damage to your goods is to pack them up securely, making sure that their transport to the facility is carried out with caution, and then packing them into the unit carefully and in a logical manner.
    When packing up your goods at home or at the office, make sure that you use strong cardboard boxes, wrap everything carefully, and fill the space in the box with bubble wrap, newspaper, or even towels or cushions, so that the items do not move around while being picked up, loaded, and off loaded at your unit.
    You can rent plastic boxes from our facility in Fareham for packing your goods to keep them extra safe during the move. They are stackable, sturdy and reusable. They save you time in that you do not have to struggle with assembling a cardboard box, and instead of flattening them and finding a place to recycle them as you have to with cardboard boxes, you can just return them to our facility when you are finished with them. This way you not only protect your belongings, but also the environment.
    Labelling your boxes in detail and marking those that contain fragile items will alert you to be extra careful when stacking these at the storage unit. This way there is no chance of your fragile items landing up underneath a heavy box and being broken.
    Avoid damage to mattresses, sofas, and any stuffed chairs that you intend storing for the longer term by storing them flat rather than on their sides. This will prevent the filling from falling to one end.
    Pack electronic equipment in the original box if you still have it, otherwise wrap the item carefully in bubble wrap and wrap in blankets. Keep the chargers, plugs, and connection cords safely so that you can find them easily when you need to.
  • There are two things that can wreak havoc with stored items and those are pests and any moisture. Let’s deal with pests first. Check the unit for any sign of rodent activity and speak to the management what their pest control policy is. There may be a pest control programme in place. As far as moths and other insects that will eat your belongings are concerned, place moth balls or any insect repellents in your boxes while you pack. Another way of avoiding damage by insects is to use new cardboard boxes or our plastic crates to pack your stuff. Used boxes from the grocery store may already contain eggs of insects which will hatch out in the dark conditions of your unit.
  • To control moisture and mould which will damage your stored furniture, carpets, clothes and any documents and photographs that you are storing, we recommend you place your goods on a tarpaulin, or use pallets to help with the air circulation. Only place clean, dry clothes in storage. Make sure that any appliances are drained and the hoses of your washing machine and dishwasher have no residual water in them. Fridges must be clean and leave doors ajar so that air can circulate.
    Never cover items in plastic sheeting as this will cause condensation to form underneath with the variations of temperature, especially if your belongings are stored through the seasons in long term storage.

Stop & Store, Fareham Ensures the Safe-keeping of Your Belongings

We are able to assist you with the safe storage of your belongings, whether household or office, for as long or as short a period of time that you need.

Our facility has security features that include 24/7 monitored CCTV, and our units have individual PIN codes that are only accessible by you.

We are conveniently situated in the Thackeray Mall in town, and we are easily accessible by road.

Please contact us directly for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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