Reasons To Use Self Storage

There are many reasons why people choose to use self storage units today. Sometimes your new home isn’t ready to be moved into at the time of your move.  So you turn to storage to house new items or maybe you want to declutter your home a bit. The reasons are endless. By choosing a storage unit might not seem like a big decision it does require some research and thought before choosing the right one for you.

So, what are some things you should know before using self-storage and what exactly can you store in these units. Before we investigate how to find a trustworthy unit that will keep your items safe and secure, let’s talk about what items you can and cannot place in storage.

What Can Be Stored

Just about anything can be placed in storage if it’s not hazardous or perishable. Items such as food, plants, gasoline are just some of the goods that would be considered either hazardous to store or perishable and should not be taken to self-storage units. Items such as computers, mattresses, clothes, home decorations etc. are some examples of goods that are safe and acceptable for storage.

Now that you know what can and cannot be placed in storage, let’s take a look at four important questions you should ask before choosing a unit.

  1. Does the storage unit come with a stack of papers listing fine print fees and additional hidden costs? If so, it’s best to avoid. The last thing you want when looking for a place to store your items are, hidden charges that are tagged on after agreeing to a rental unit.
  2. Does the storage unit charge a number of start-up fees? Again, you don’t want to go with a storage unit that’s going to make you pay more than what you need. As a rule, you really shouldn’t have to pay more than £20 to start up your storage unit. If the unit charges more than that, try to bargain or move on to a different one.
  3. Do you know roughly how many items you will need to store? For companies can offer you an accurate knowledgeable quote, they’ll need to understand how many goods you are going to need storage for. Once the companies have an estimate from you, they will be able to tell you the cost of the unit and how bigger the unit you will need.
  4. Does the storage unit have good security features? Since you’re trusting the unit to hold a large number of personal items, you want to be sure no one’s going to have a chance to walk away with your things. Security cameras and locks should be prevalent throughout the facility to ensure the best safety.

View Your Storage Unit

Once you’ve asked each of these questions and are satisfied with your answers you’ll have an easier time in choosing which storage unit to go with. After choosing the unit, another important step to take is to inspect the unit yourself. Before moving all your items to the unit, look for signs of water damage, oil stains and pests. You want to make sure your items remain in the condition they were in when first placed in storage.

Four simple questions to consider before choosing a storage unit and what to look for before you  move in  your items into one.

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