Once you have taken the life-changing decision to move abroad there are many decisions to be made and matters to organise. The entire prospect can become overwhelming if not managed carefully. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind and simple steps to follow to keep the vision you have in your mind alive and achievable. After all, this is a massive decision, and you do not want yourself wishing that you had never even started on this journey in the first place. Self storage unit

  1. Research, research, and more research

    You can never find out enough about your new destination and it will pay dividends to learn as much as possible about it. Information about the culture of your new compatriots, their food preferences, and what they do in their leisure time to what climate to expect will get you properly prepared for the changes you will experience.
    If you are not moving on your own but intend on taking family with you, you will need to research any information pertaining to schooling, neighbourhoods to live in, and other information relating to successfully settling your family in a new environment. Moving to live in a new country is very different to preparing for a holiday there, so research all aspects that may affect your way of life there, down to the local laws and the modes of transport on offer.

  2. Money and keeping your finances under control

    You obviously know how you will be earning money in your new home, but there are many costs to consider before you even climb on the plane. Visas don’t come cheap, and there may be competency tests you need to undertake before you are granted your visa.
    You will need enough money for your plane tickets, and a rule of thumb is to have enough saved to live for at least six months at your new destination to give yourself some financial security.
    Your research should look at what the cost of living is in your new country, what the food prices are, what rental you can expect to pay for housing, and whether you pay for schooling and healthcare. This information will help you when you plan your finances and work out how much money you will need.

  3. Visas and passports

    These are vital to your successful relocation. Once your passports have been authenticated you can apply for the relevant visas you need to gain access to your new country. There are probably other documents that you need to gather together as well such as your qualifications documents, birth certificates, and tax and banking documents. These can take time to gather so give yourself enough time. And while you are collecting these documents together, make physical copies and keep digital copies as well to cover any problems that may arise.

What To Do with Your Stuff When Moving Abroad

Whether you are relocating to pursue your career or just taking a gap year and intending to return to complete your studies, you need to decide what to do with your belongings.

  • If you are married with a family you may have collected expensive furniture and appliances over time and you will have to decide whether the cost of replacing them in your new home country is worth it, or if it is worth packing a container and taking it with you. If you decide on the latter course of action, packing your belongings into a self storage unit until you are ready for them on the other side is one solution. Self storage facilities are flexible as to whether you need long term or short term storage, so if you need your goods after a month or two, you will be able to arrange shipping without giving notice or paying penalties as there are no leases to be signed.
  • If you are travelling for a year or your move abroad is not permanent and you decide to let your house out, pack your furniture and other belongings into a storage unit where they will be kept safely while you are away. No danger here then of your goods being ruined by tenants, and all your stuff will be there for you when you return.

Use Self Storage Unit at Stop & Store Fareham to assist when you decide to move abroad

  • At Stop & Store Fareham we offer a solution for when you decide to move abroad permanently or for a gap year, and you decide you want to keep your belongings either to have them translocated to your new home or kept safely until you return.
  • It is important that your goods are stored in a secure environment. Our self storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms and our self storage units are individually alarmed, so you can rest assured that your precious possessions are in safe hands.
  • We offer a simple operating system whereby you book and pay online. Once we have received your payment we will email you your individual PIN code so that you can access your self storage unit straight away. It is as easy as that.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, they are safe, dry, pest controlled and ideal for the purpose of storing your belongings.
  • No contract needs to be signed and you can hire storage space from 1 month to as long as you need. If you need to move your goods in or out in the middle of a month, you pay a pro rate, so when arranging your shipping you will not have to pay for any days that you do not use your storage unit.
  • So when you need an easy storage solution to some of the storage problems you may encounter with your move abroad, try Stop & Store Fareham. We will keep your belongings safely and securely in our secure self storage unit.
  • We are open 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm.
  • Please check our website for what our customers have to say about us.

We are conveniently located in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in the heart of the town. You will have easy access to load and unload your goods.

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