Doing home DIY projects can be one of the most de-stressing and rewarding things that you will ever do at home. The mere creativity and self-satisfaction that comes out of it on its own makes it every worthwhile thing to do. The fact that getting home DIY going need not necessarily be expensive, and in the long run will save you tons of cash, makes home DIY an activity that many more people should do. Storage Space

A lot of people that would like to do home DIY don’t do so because they are not sure of where to start, what equipment to but and are likely not to have the space needed. None of these perceived barriers need deter anyone from pursuing their dream of starting DIY at home.

As we have seen there are DIY’ers that use self storage units as an option to create their woodwork and other projects as a space to work in. Lots of people realize that woodwork is a relaxing and enjoyable way to express their creative “me”. At Stop & Store Penrith we have clients that use our self storage units to make extra money-making woodwork projects.

There are those people that prefer to work from home, and by clearing a space such as their garage, they have used a self storage unit for storage of their garage contents instead.

Getting Started

Before you start, its an idea to make sure that you have adequate space. There is no point in investing in power tools when there is no place to use them!

Don’t worry it’s a problem most would be DIY’ers face: because it is not only about the space you need, but also the dilemma of where to store things safely and securely.

As we know, a garage is well known as the place where less used items in the house find their way to be stored. So much so that it could get to the stage where everything becomes so cramped that one or more of the cars ends up sleeping the night outside on the lawn.

If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone: and this is what proactive homeowners do to solve their storage space problems.

When wanting to do DIY projects it is often more convenient to do them at home rather than traveling elsewhere offsite to do so. So, a garage is the most likely place in the house to conduct your DIY projects. It’s space that is affordable and provides a DIY fanatic a chance to use it several times in a day, without having to go anywhere.

Equally as affordable is the cheap storage option of self storage. An average self storage unit can store the contents of a garage and more. Minus the cars of course which you will need every day in any event.

So, the simple and most obvious answer to making space in the garage is to rent a self storage unit to store the little used items in the garage.

Self Storage Helps make Space for your DIY

Now that you have put the space problem behind you, there is nothing in the way to getting going on your DIY projects.

Starting at the beginning a good working surface is required. As you garage will still be used to park a car in at night, many DIYers find a mobile or a fold up table works well. This means that the table can be moved or opened out into the room when it is needed and simply folded or pushed away then not in use.

How do you equip and store your tools in the space you have? What tools should you start out with, and which ones can’t you do without?

Essential Tools for Working in Your DIY Space.

Woodworking requires a few common actions, like cutting wood, screwing, nailing, or gluing pieces of wood together.

Let’s get started.

There are a number of different kinds of saws.

  • Table saw
    Being a heavy-duty saw, a table saw is a manual tool used to cut pieces of wood. It’s like a circular saw but is preferred when a perfectly straight cut is needed when you need it. Simple jobs like making a notch or groove are easily done by hand this way.
  • Miter saw
    Otherwise known as a chop saw, is a very useful saw for cutting wood at angles as when you’d make corners like in a picture frame. The miter saw cuts perfectly when you need a good finish on projects like that.
  • Circular saw
    This is a somewhat less mobile saw, that needs a place and space to operate. It is more likely the first saw that will be needed when cutting large bulky pieces into more manageable sizes.
  • Electric Drill
    A battery-operated electric drill gives the user so much flexibility when needing to drill holes and apply screws to joins. Forget about the manual screwdriver: this is the easiest and quickest way to get the job done.
  • Nail gun
    Old habits are sometimes difficult to change, but a nail gun is a very useful tool to replace the old hammer and is far more efficient in the way it works.
  • An orbital sander
    This is a must for finishing off your surfaces and creating a smooth good looking wooden creation. Get one that it is battery operated to give you the manoeuvrability you are looking for.

Make Space for Yourself with Stop & Store

Choose Stop & Store Penrith: our location is easily accessible on the A66, and our premises tightly access controlled for the safety of your stored items.

Our storage units are clean and dry, and the storage experience will be what you’d expect from a top self storage company.

It’s also very easy to rent a storage unit from us. You can do it online and needn’t go anywhere. Also, it’s possible to have access the same day you enquire, we are quick.

No deposit is required, you can rent from month to month.

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