Before renting a unit, it’s essential to have all your self storage questions answered by those who know what they’re talking about – so you can get the best for your possessions.

Whether you are a collector, a hobbyist, about to undertake a move, or running an online business, when you have run out of storage space at home or at work there is nothing to beat the ease of hiring a self storage unit. It is the most affordable way to free up space at home or at work.

If you are not sure how the process of self storage works or what to expect, here are some of the most frequently asked self storage questions that our customers ask.

1. Security – How safe are my belongings?

Proper security is at the heart of the best self storage experiences. After all, you are entrusting your valuable assets and possessions to an unknown company so you need the assurance that they will be safe whilst they are in storage.

Security measures will vary between the various self storage facilities, but look out for safety measures that include professional staff, CCTV that is monitored 24/7, intruder alarms, well-lit surroundings, and access that is limited to those who rent a unit.

2. Are there several different unit sizes?

Space costs money so it is fair to expect to be able to choose a unit that is the correct size to store your belongings without it being too big.

At Stop & Store Fareham we can offer you a choice of unit sizes with an easy-to-use Space Calculator to assist you calculate the correct size as accurately as possible. So whether you have a few valuables and documents to store while you go on holiday, or the contents of a 3-bedroomed home during a move, you can get the best self storage for your needs.

3. Is it possible to view a storage unit before signing up?

You need to make sure you’re getting the best self storage for you. Most storage unit facilities will allow you to have a look at their premises. This way you can check for the general cleanliness of the facility and the unit, and whether there are any signs of damp.

4. Am I able to store my goods short-term?

Our storage facility allows for short-term storage and there is not a minimum length contract to be signed. Anything less than three months is considered short term, and this is particularly useful when you need a stop-gap solution to claim more space at home or at the office when you need it, or if you are moving house and need a place to store your stuff temporarily.

If you are going on holiday and you need a secure space to keep your valuables and important documents while you relax, Stop & Store Fareham has a small space of 12 sq ft which is perfect for this purpose.

5. What can I store in my storage unit?

Anything from household goods like furniture, appliances, kitchenware, books, antiques, clothing, toys, garden tools, to sporting and camping equipment and even cars and motorbikes if the unit is big enough.

There are items that you may not store in a unit because the safety of staff, customers’ belongings, and the actual facility needs to be protected. These items include:

    • Combustible or flammable materials, including compressed gas bottles
    • Any toxic or hazardous materials
    • Any live items such as pets or plants
    • Food or perishable goods
    • Any illegal substances including drugs, weapons, and any counterfeit items

6. Can I live in a storage unit?

No it is not permitted to live in a storage unit. Storage units are not residential properties, so it is illegal, and also unhealthy.

7. Can I use my storage unit as an office?

While you may not be able to use it as an actual office as there may be no Wi-Fi or other amenities, there are several ways that you can use your self storage unit to benefit your business.

Keep your tools of the trade stored safely if you are a tradesperson or run a decorating or furniture renovation business. If you run an online retail business from home, a storage facility is perfect for receiving parcels and dispatching orders once you have run out of storage space for your stock at home.

For traditional retailers, a storage unit situated nearby their shop is a much cheaper way of storing extra stock and inventory instead of hiring expensive store rooms or warehousing.

8. When can I access my storage unit?

All self storage facilities will have different hours of access. Stop & Store Fareham has convenient access hours of 8am to 8pm seven days a week when there is someone there to help you. This offers plenty of time to load or unload your goods.

Make sure you’re clear on when you can access your unit to have the best self storage experience

Why Use Stop & Store Fareham?

Whatever your reason for storing your belongings we’re only too happy to help you. At Stop & Store Fareham we offer you the perfect solution to your storage problems.

  • Our self storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms and our units are individually alarmed, so you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.
  • Our state-of-the-art operating system enables you to book and pay online for your self-storage unit. We will email you your individual PIN code so that you can access your storage unit straight away. So if you need extra storage space in a hurry, we can offer you the perfect solution.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, they are safe, dry, pest controlled to ensure that your belongings stay in perfect condition.
  • There are no contracts to sign, or expensive deposits to be made. Our rentals are what you pay, as there are no hidden expenses for services, which makes it easier to budget.

Our facility is conveniently located in the Fareham Shopping Centre, which is in the heart of the town. There is easy access to load and unload your goods. Stop and Store Fareham is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm which gives you many hours of access.

Tel: 01329 556174 We look forward to hearing from you.