If you’re facing a shortage of storage space, self storage facilities are an excellent option. They provide convenience and security to whatever you intend to store, but it’s worth noting that there are limitations on what you can store in them.

Understanding these restrictions is vital to ensure compliance with regulations, thereby maintaining the facility’s and its occupants’ safety. By keeping these limitations in mind, you won’t face any unpleasant or inconvenient surprises later on. Bearing these in mind, you can maximise your self storage space while keeping yourself and others safe.

All storage facilities have their own rules, but in general, these are the things that are unacceptable in most storage facilities. Although this may seem like a wide range of items, bear in mind that the list of acceptable items is way longer!

Below is a wide range of items that fall outside the bounds of acceptability.

  1. Hazardous Materials

    Perhaps the most critical category of items prohibited in self storage units is hazardous materials. This includes substances that are flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive.

    Examples of prohibited hazardous materials typically include:

    Gasoline, propane, or other fuels
    Explosives such as fireworks or ammunition
    Chemicals like acids, pesticides, or fertilizers
    Radioactive materials
    Biological waste or medical supplies

  2. Perishable Goods

    Self storage units are not suitable environments for storing perishable items due to the lack of climate control and ventilation. Storing perishables can lead to unpleasant odours, and mould growth, and attract pests such as rodents and insects.

    Items that should not be stored include:

    Food items, including canned goods and fresh produce
    Plants or flowers
    Animal products like pet food or bedding
    Any item that can decay or spoil over time

  3. Living Creatures

    Self storage units are not designed to accommodate living beings, and it’s both unethical and against the law to store animals or humans in these spaces.

    This includes:

    Pets or livestock
    Insects, reptiles, or other creatures
    Plants or seeds (except for certain preserved botanical specimens)

  4. Stolen or Illegal Items

    Storing stolen goods or illegal items in self storage units is strictly prohibited and can result in legal consequences for the renter.

    This includes:

    Stolen property
    Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
    Counterfeit goods or unauthorized replicasItems associated with criminal activities

  5. Valuables and Irreplaceable Items

    While self storage facilities offer security features, storing highly valuable or irreplaceable items is generally not advisable due to the risk of theft, damage, or loss.

    Examples include:

    Cash, currency, or precious metals
    Jewelry, gemstones, or heirlooms
    Important documents like passports, wills, or deeds
    Artwork, antiques, or collectibles with significant monetary or sentimental value

  6. Vehicles and Machinery

    While some self storage facilities offer vehicle storage options, there are limitations on the types of vehicles allowed, and certain machinery or equipment may also be prohibited.

    This includes:

    Inoperable vehicles or those without proper documentation
    Heavy machinery or industrial equipment
    Vehicles containing hazardous materials or fluids
    Anything with an internal combustion engine that may leak fluids or emit fumes

  7. Uninsured Items

    It’s essential to check with your insurance provider to understand what items are covered when stored off-site in a self storage unit. Certain high-value items or specialized equipment may require additional insurance coverage. Additionally, some self storage facilities may have policies regarding uninsured items, so it’s crucial to review the terms of your rental agreement. Some self storage facilities offer insurance policies if your present insurance doesn’t cover your items when they are in self storage.

  8. Nuisance or Offensive Items

    Self storage facilities typically have rules and regulations regarding the types of items that can be stored to ensure the safety and comfort of all tenants.

    This includes:

    Offensive or obscene materials
    Items that emit strong odours or excessive noise
    Anything that could cause a nuisance to other tenants or violate community standards.

  9. Weapons and Ammunition

    These are almost always on the prohibited list. There are liability issues associated with these items for the self storage facility involved as well as issues involved if the unit has to go up for auction.

The Consequences of Storing Prohibited Items

The rules that are in place for what can’t be stored may seem onerous, but there are very good reasons for them. Ignoring these regulations can lead to severe consequences that go much further than mere inconvenience or rule breaking.

  • Storing hazardous or flammable items can lead to fires, explosions, or toxic exposure. This endangers not only you as the renter, but also the neighboring units and the facility staff.
  • Perishable goods left unattended will attract pests, leading to an infestation that can spread throughout the facility.
  • If you are found in violation of storage policies, you may have your lease terminated which can lead to financial losses if your prepaid rent or deposit is forfeited.
  • Hazardous materials that leak or spill can have an environmental impact that threatens human health and endangers wildlife.
  • Damages or injuries resulting from storing prohibited items may lead to you being held legally accountable. Civil lawsuits arising from negligence can result in substantial financial liabilities which can affect your reputation and your financial stability.

Be a responsible renter. Adhering to storage facility policies and exercising diligence in selecting items for storage will go a long way in mitigating the risks associated with non-compliance. By following the rules, we can safeguard ourselves, others, and the environment while avoiding legal penalties, financial liabilities, and reputational damage. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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