It’s that time of year again and you are thinking about Christmas presents, tasty food, festivities and a well-deserved holiday. But what are you going to do about hiding all those presents for the kids? You don’t want the kids to ruin the surprise and find their presents. This is where Stop and Store Storage Fareham can help!

How Can Self Storage Help?

The benefit of self storage is that you can rent a storage unit for a very short period of time. For example, this will provide you with a place to store your presents, without the fear of your kids pilfering through wardrobes and cupboards, before the big day and ruining the surprise. Also, you can use self storage Fareham for other reasons.

Are the Relatives Coming to Stay?

It may well be that you have relatives coming to stay for the holiday season. Space is limited. So why not use self storage Fareham to declutter your house. Maybe clear your spare room to provide more space for everyone during the festive period.

You can rent a storage room very easily and for as little as a month. Therefore, this does not have to be an expensive exercise.
Self storage facilities have long access hours. You could even pick up your gifts on Christmas Eve. Why not use your storage room as a place to wrap your presents as well, out of the sight of prying eyes. It could be a real Santa’s Grotto!

When the holiday season has come to an end, simply give notice on your storage room and bring your contract to an end. If you only need it for the month of December, you could rent at the beginning of the month and give notice on the day you rent, knowing that you will have finished with it by the end.

Buying Presents Online

Even if you buy your presents online, through Amazon, the Fareham Shopping Centre has Amazon lockers, where you can get your gifts delivered. You can collect and store your presents in your storage unit in the Centre.

At Stop and Store Fareham there is no deposits to pay and we are located right in the Fareham Shopping Centre. It is on the doorstep, making it easy to drop off these presents straight into your storage unit.

Stop and Store have storage Fareham units of all shapes and sizes to suit your needs. From 12 sq ft lockers up to 200 sq ft units, for those very big presents. Self storage can make Christmas easier and more convenient. It can provide the extra space that is needed during the holiday season.