Self storage can be a great storage solution to our storage problems. The need for self storage is growing and there are some pertinent reasons why this is a growing industry. These reasons, amongst others, include the changes in our lifestyles that have been brought about or magnified as a result of the corona pandemic and the upheaval it has caused worldwide.

More of us are changing our lifestyles, not through choice, but because we have to. Our lives have been affected by the effects of the Corona virus. Some of us have had to downsize our homes due to changed financial situations, more of us have divorced over the last year and this is reflected in the divorce statistics, there have been more unexpected deaths due to the pandemic, and these effects from the pandemic impact on the way we live.

People are renting smaller spaces, some people have had to move back to live with their families as their economic situations have changed for the worse, and we have had to make space in our homes for homeschooling our children. We have been setting up home offices for ourselves to work from home rather than commuting to the office. People affected by these factors find they have excess belongings and need a place to store them. A self storage unit is a great solution.

This change in the demand for self storage is also apparent with more businesses requiring extra space. Many businesses are unfortunately not doing so well financially, but in the hope that once the pandemic is under some sort of control and they may be able to get back on their feet, they need a space to store their goods, inventory, and furniture. Self storage facilities can offer this space to keep their belongings for as long as necessary.

The demand for self storage is also being driven by those businesses who no longer need large office space as their employees work from home. The resultant downsizing of office space means that there is a demand for storage space to keep their extra furniture and equipment.

Things to Consider When Renting a Self Storage Unit

There are a few times when hiring a self storage unit will prove invaluable to you, and one of these is when you move house, and you need a place to keep your stuff during the change. You may be downsizing your home and moving to an apartment, or you may need to store your belongings while you conduct renovations. In all these cases, hiring a storage unit supplies an easy solution to your problem of where to keep your items securely during these times of change. In fact a storage unit can be considered as an extra room where we can pack all those items that we are not using or no longer have space for.

  • How often will you need to access your unit? If you are planning to leave your goods for a few months without needing access, the unit can be located in a more remote area which often means a lower rate. But if you need to be able to access your belongings more regularly, it will be more convenient for you to have it nearer to where you live. Check on their hours of business and whether you can access your unit any day of the week as you don’t want the inconvenience of short opening hours.
  • What size unit do you need for your goods? It makes economic sense not to hire a unit too large and have space that you do not use. Our space calculator can help you work out exactly what square footage you will need. Remember to disassemble furniture where possible, and use horizontal space by adding shelves along the walls in order to fit all your belongings in.
  • Find out about if there are contracts to be signed and deposits to be paid. The beauty of our self storage at Stop & Store Fareham is that it is so flexible, with no contracts or deposits, and you can hire a unit for as long or as short a period of time as you need.
  • One of the most important reasons for keeping your belongings in storage is because of the security it offers, so the security features of a facility are of utmost importance. Check for monitored 24-hour CCTV surveillance, what sort of lock system is used, and who has access to the facility.
  • Is the facility clean and well kept? Your belongings are valuable to you, and you want them looked after safely in a clean environment.

How Stop & Store Fareham can help you

  • At Stop & Store Fareham we offer a storage facility that can help with all your self-storage needs, whether you need to store your belongings for a month or for much longer. When you need extra storage space for your business or personal goods during this pandemic we are able to offer you a practical solution.
  • Our storage facility is completely secured. We offer monitored CCTV,  an intruder alarm, and our units are individually alarmed. Your belongings will be safe from burglars while they are in our storage facility.
  • Our booking system allows you to apply and pay online from your mobile or your laptop. We email you your individual PIN code. It is that simple. Our facility is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm for your convenience.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, and there is a handy space calculator that will help you choose the perfect sized unit for you.
  • Your goods will be stored safe from potential damage coming from moisture and mildew, and any pests or insects.
  • We don’t require you to pay a deposit. For your convenience, you can hire your storage unit for a month or for longer. If you move your goods in during the month, you pay a pro rate.
  • Our storage facility is situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in the heart of the town, making it convenient for our customers. We offer easy access to load and unload your goods.

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