We are so used to being reminded about what makes a house move proceed smoothly that it may be useful to know some of the common mistakes to avoid while you prepare for moving day. Moving isn’t most peoples’ idea of fun. Relocating from one location to another takes organisation, a lot of time and a big effort from everyone involved. Avoiding these mistakes will go a long way to making your move day as stress free as possible. Self Storage Unit

  1. Failing to Plan, Planning to Fail

    A successful move depends on how much planning you put into the process. There are many pieces that need to fall into place to carry out a successful move and the more organised you are, the better. Try not to procrastinate as a successful move requires more than just throwing your possessions into a box at the last minute, taping it up, and placing it on a truck. So start with your preparations early.

  2. Use a Self Storage Unit to Support Your Move

    Use the extra space offered by a self storage unit to provide some relief during your move. There is no guarantee that your moving in date will coincide with the date when you have to move out of your old house. Renting a self storage unit at Stop & Store Fareham will solve this problem and you can rest assured that your household of goods will be kept safely until you are ready to move into your new house. We also rent out moving boxes and packing supplies to make your life easier.

  3. Before Organising a DIY Move

    Don’t think that renting a truck and convincing a few friends to help you move your stuff will necessarily save you money, especially if your new home is situated a fair distance away. Packing up large furniture items and expensive appliances is best left to the professionals as these can become damaged in transit.

  4. Your Removal Company

    Choosing a removal company and then booking them far ahead is your first step to a successful move. Once you have found and booked one for your move, you can start with the financial planning. Find out if your homeowners’ insurance covers your belongings during the move and whether the removal company has sufficient cover to protect your belongings during the move.Bear in mind that there are times of the year, and even the month, when removal companies are busier. The end of the month is a busy time, and some companies even have special rates making it cheaper to move during the middle of the month rather than at the end so you may save some money by doing this.

    Beware of choosing the cheapest removal company when moving your stuff. Do your research by speaking to people who have just moved and read any online reviews. You do not want a company that is unreliable, that may steal your belongings, or one that will not reimburse you for damage caused during the move.

  5. The Wrong Packing Materials Can Wreck Your Move

    Choose the correct packaging materials to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in good condition. Sturdy containers such as the ones we hire out at Stop & Store Fareham are your best bet as they will not only keep even your most fragile belongings safely but are also stackable which will make packing the removal vehicle a breeze. Using boxes of different shapes and sizes that you may have collected from your local grocery store or got from friends, makes it very difficult to pack the inside of the truck. Even worse is if you stuff your belongings into trash bags which can break open and scatter the contents everywhere. The goal is to keep your load tightly packed in the removal van so that there is no shifting, no boxes falling over or preventing your bulky furniture and appliances moving.
    Make sure you have enough bubble wrap and filling materials to pack around your delicate belongings. Use too much when covering your fragile items so you are not confronted with broken glasses and crockery when you unpack in your new home. Use blankets and quilts to cover tables and other furniture. Cushions and pillows wedged between these bulky items will prevent your furniture being dented and scratched during the move.

  6. Failing to Label Boxes or Creating an Inventory

    Once you have packed up you will have no idea what is in a box or which room it came from. Labelling each box in detail, and making an inventory is essential to keep track of what goes where. It will make your unpacking much quicker, and you will be able to see at a glance if there are any boxes missing.

  7. Don’t Forget to Keep the Essentials Out

    These include those day-to-day essentials that you will need for the first night in your new home such as toiletries for all family members, kettle, coffee, tea, sugar, your electronics and chargers, and snacks and pet food. If you have a baby, you will need all their daily essentials including change of clothing, nappies, and toys. Any bedding such as sheets, pillows and blankets will allow you to make up the beds quickly without hunting through boxes for these items. Medication and glasses also need to be kept out. Keep any documentation relating to your move easily accessible too.

  8. Forgetting Utilities

    Remember to not only cancel the utilities when leaving your old address, but also to arrange them for your new house.

  9. Don’t Skip the Cleaning

    Leave time to clean your old house after you have packed up. You will want to make sure that before you unpack a box, your new place has been given a thorough clean. It may be worth your while to hire a professional cleaning company if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

Stop & Store Fareham Self Storage Unit

We can help in many ways when you decide to move. Not only can we keep any items that you do not have space for at your home, but you don’t wish to get rid of them permanently, but we can also store your household of furniture until you are ready to move into your new home.

You can sleep at night knowing that everything is safe. Please look at what Stop & Store has to offer: cost-effective storage solutions in the Fareham area.

We are located at Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham, convenient for those in Fareham, Porchester, and surrounding areas.

Please contact us at 01329 556174 for more information. Look on our website https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/ for more information and see what our customers have to say about us. We look forward to helping you overcome your storage space problem.