When you decide to do renovations at home, one thing is for sure: it’s a messy job. Your household contents, in particular, are what will suffer the most, as the activities of the builders are sure to cause damage to them. As the time taken for an average renovation is normally five weeks it’s particularly important to do something to protect them while they take place. Self Storage Great Yarmouth

Stop & Store self storage Great Yarmouth is a sure solution. With short term rentals available and being very accessible to load and offload, a self-storage unit can keep your possessions safe during the renovation. The fact that you can keep your precious household possessions safe and out of harms way for a while at a small cost is a bonus compared with the potential damage that the renovations may cause. Self-storage is the cheapest storage you can find and store for short periods in this type of situation is a huge advantage to homeowners.

With your possessions out of the way, you can get your renovation done. Here are some pitfalls to look out for, which have been provided by the experts:

Renovations: What to Watch Out For

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when doing a renovation, causing unnecessary delays.

Finding a surprise while you are building will set your timeframe off course and add extra to your budget. This often happens, so look out for the following when you get going.

Old plumbing and Electrics

Old plumbing and electrics are common in old houses, and you can be sure you will encounter some problems. Just about all old houses have the original plumbing and electrics that were installed when the house was built. Houses were fitted with galvanized pipes which these days are outdated. Nowadays PVC pipes are the answer, which means that you are likely to have to replace all your plumbing as the two don’t work together well.

Electrics also get outdated, and you will often find that your household requires an upgrade to accommodate modern-day electrical requirements. Old electrics tend to become a fire hazard as they get older too.

Water damage

Often water leaks are only found when renovations take place. This is because they may be in inner walls or under concrete where the only evidence of them is a wet patch or a bit of mould. The best way to look at this is that thank goodness that there was not bigger damage and you found it in time. So, maybe it’s a sign to get it fixed once and for all!

Bad workmanship

Plaster and paint are commonly used to cover bad workmanship. Especially in the case of a previous homeowner who has decided to do a DIY job before putting the house on the market. So, its no use putting good on top of bad, and unfortunately, the best bet is to simply knock down the bad workmanship and rebuild.

Structural cracks

These are also nasty surprises that only emerge when you do a bit of digging. It’s not a pleasant piece of news when the builder tells you what he has discovered, and you know that you are in for a few bucks to sort it out.

While it could be a ground fault, and be out of your control, it’s also sometimes the fault of the original builders using poor construction practices in the first place.

The only remedy is to underpin the foundations or re-pouring concrete foundations to ensure your foundations are stable.

So, Back to Storage Options

Let’s look at the options that present themselves:

Hire a storage unit

Using a self-storage unit to store household items during the renovation period is one of the simplest and easiest things to do. It’s cheap storage arranged easily with no hidden costs or contracts. By being the only key holder to your own unit you can come and go as you like.

The benefits are:

  • Come and go as you please if you need anything.
  • We are centrally situated with good access.
  • Choose the size unit you need: there are good options.
  • Security and safety of your possessions
  • An inexpensive way to store with no contracts involved.

At Stop & Store Great Yarmouth we offer convenience and accessibility. The range of size units is from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft. and safety is assured through state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring.

Finding Space in the House to Store

Keeping your possessions in a dedicated space at your home or someone else’s home may save you money in the short term, but when something gets damaged it may cost you more. This option may be one that you choose for cost purposes. But as we will see this is not always the wisest thing to do.

At home, you are never assured that your stored items will be safe from damage. Storing these at a friend or a relative could lead to complications later, particularly as renovations frequently go over budget and take longer than you planned.

Perhaps consider this factor and it may well save you hassles later.

A Few Useful Tips for Storage During Renovation

Being organized when you store your possessions makes it easy to identify and access them when you need them again. By labelling boxes and packing systematically (pack by room, by cupboard) you will know exactly where everything is, should you need to find something when in storage.

The items that you clearly won’t be wanting during the storage period should be packed at the back of the unit.

Choose the right size unit once you know how much you want to store by letting our space calculator guide you.

Storage Answers when Renovating: Self Storage Great Yarmouth

Let us take that worry out of the renovation. We hope you have found the advice useful regarding what to look out for and how to secure your possessions over this period. Stop & Store self storage Great Yarmouth will look after them for you while you upgrade your house.

As your unit is accessible 24/7 you can easily come and get anything from your storage unit when you need something.

Please contact us on 01493 803991 for more information.

Look on our website and read some of our customers’ reviews to help you make your mind up. We know we can help you overcome your storage problem.