If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. If your plans for last year were blown out of the window, you’re not alone. Renting a self storage unit could be one positive decision that you make in 2021. Our rental packages can offer a sense of security, no matter what the world might throw at you. These unusual and inventive ways to use a household storage room could offer you a spark of excitement in the coming 12 months.

1. Start Your Own Business

If the pandemic has been tough on your career, you may feel ready to go it alone. Interior designer, accountant or programmer, there are plenty of jobs that can be converted into your own freelance business. If you lack space at home, or crave that “going to work” feeling, renting a storage unit could be the answer. Set up your desk, computer, and printer, and get to work. Remember that you may need a power pack and a Wi-Fi source, which could be your mobile hotspot. Once you’ve settled in you can work without interruption, and then leave work behind at the end of the day.

2. “Home” Gym

Lockdown has been unkind in many ways, with plenty of us now carrying a little extra COVID weight. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, you may have considered joining a gym. However, with many gyms forced to close (temporarily or permanently) during the pandemic, signing up to a contract may leave you feeling a little anxious. Rather than paying costly membership fees, you could buy pre-loved equipment and install it in a storage unit. This could work out cheaper than a monthly subscription, and you can exercise at a time to suit you.

3. Re-Purpose Your Spare Room

Having guests to stay may seem like a thing of the past. Rather than dedicating a whole room to visitors, now is the ideal time to reassign the room’s function. Whether you need a home office, work out studio or snug, you can place all of the bedroom furniture into a budget storage unit. Your furniture will be safe until you’re ready to enjoy hosting friends and family again.

4. Arts and Crafts Studio

Lockdown and COVID have given us a new appreciation for the arts. In our digital world, it can be relaxing and therapeutic to set time aside for drawing, painting, sewing or pottery. Finding space at home can be tricky, but renting affordable storage means you can store all of your materials and set up a studio dedicated to your passion. Unlike using the dining room table, you won’t need to pack everything away at the end of a session, either.

5. Art Gallery

If art is more than just a hobby, you could set up your own art gallery in a clean, dry storage unit. Stock can be carefully stored ready for sale, and you could even hold exhibitions for customers from within your unit. If selling online, a storage unit can be the perfect blank canvas backdrop for photographing your items ready to advertise. Your home can remain free of paintings and sculptures, but you’ll know it’s safe with your storage facility’s security features. At Stop and Store, we offer 24 hour monitored CCTV and intruder alarms for your peace of mind.

6. Reading Room

If you’ve lost your passion for reading, or can’t relax amongst clutter at home, creating a reading snug could be right up your street. A bookcase of novels, coffee table and armchair could be all you need in your storage unit to curl up with a good book. Escape to new worlds and meet new characters from the comfort of a storage room in Fareham!

7. Upcycling Furniture

Many of us have come to realise that home is the most important place. This has led to nationwide home improvements, including purchasing new furniture. If you have a flair for furniture upcycling, you could use a storage unit as your workshop. Not only does this give you the perfect place to work, but you’ll know that your tools and stock will be safe when you’re not there. Whether a hobby or a fledgling career, you could find yourself making money in no time.

8. Second-Hand Store

If you have a good eye for what will sell, you could set up a second-hand shop from your storage unit. Keep an eye out for house clearances, or pick up bargains on eBay or Gumtree, make any necessary repairs or touch-ups, and then sell them on for a profit. Dependent on your interests and expertise, you could find yourself selling jewellery, antique furniture, rugs, china or even paintings.

9. Fancy Dress Shop

Home parties are likely to become more popular with restrictions on venues and uncertainty around further lockdowns. If you love fancy dress, you could make it your hobby or even your career. Start searching for stock, and install hanging rails in a self storage unit. Your costumes will be kept in pristine condition, and can be advertised online for customers in Fareham, Gosport and the surrounding towns to rent out.

10. Wine Storage

Wine can be treated as a real luxury. Whether you enjoy supermarket bargains or high end vintage labels, it’s surprising how quickly your wine collection can grow. Once your kitchen wine rack is full, you may start searching for suitable storage locations. A climate controlled storage unit can be the perfect place to store your beloved bottles. Install a large, sturdy wine rack, and relax knowing that your collection is safe. You can return to collect a desired bottle whenever you need to.

Renting a storage unit at Stop and Store in Fareham could be the perfect solution for unusual storage requirements. At our facility, access is gained using a security code, offering a safe place with minimal contact with others. This is ideal whilst social distancing continues. For more information, or to view a storage unit at our facility in Fareham, contact us today.

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