Many of us have dreams of travelling the world, and when the opportunity arises you don’t want anything to get in the way of boarding that plane. Whether you’re visiting one country for a month or planning a round the world trip with no end date, you’ll need to think about what to do with your possessions before you leave. Stop and Store self storage Fareham has a great range of cheap storage rooms, meaning it’s never been easier to keep your belongings secure whilst travelling.

Minimalist Travelling

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Part of the joy of travelling is taking nothing with you but your backpack. With just the clothes and shoes you’re wearing, a handful of spares, your first aid kit and a few luxuries, you can leave your old life behind you. Although it’s a lovely idea to give away everything you own, the reality is that most of us will be returning to normality whether in a month or a year and buying everything again just isn’t practical. Whilst you’re away, storing your belongings is the best option.

Ideal Local Solution in Fareham

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Although Fareham is a popular market town with a rich history and beautiful harbour views, a desire to travel the world cannot be tamed. If you find yourself with the opportunity to go travelling, there are many reasons why you might choose to store your possessions before leaving the UK. Whether you own your property or are living in rented accommodation, choosing Stop and Store in Fareham will be a weight off your mind. Stop and Store Storage Fareham is easily accessed within Fareham Shopping Centre making it the ideal choice for residents of Fareham, Portchester, Gosport and surrounding areas.

Choosing Self Storage When Renting

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Many people living in a rented property will choose not to continue their rental contract when going travelling for an extended period. During this time, it is more cost-effective to book one of our cheap storage rooms than to continue paying rent. You can move all of your furniture and possessions to Stop and Store Storage Fareham and save hundreds of pounds on rent. The money you save can then be added to your travelling funds to explore cultures across the world.

If you are a student, it will be cost-effective to store your belongings or furniture rather than rent a property over the summer break. You can set off across the world knowing that your items will be waiting for you on your return, without paying to rent a property that you are not even using.

Self Storage for Property Owners

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If you own a property, you may wish to recoup some of the costs of travelling by renting your property out whilst you are abroad. Even if you are only going away for a month, professionals, couples or families may be willing to spend a significant amount of money renting your property from you whilst you are away. Stop and Store is the ideal choice for both short and long term storage.

If you choose to rent out your property, it is likely that there will be some items of furniture, or valuable items, that you would rather not leave in your home. Expensive electrical items, family heirlooms, or antique furniture can be securely stored meaning that you do not need to worry about them whilst travelling. If your house will be uninhabited whilst you are travelling, you can protect your valuable items by moving them to Stop and Store. Important or sensitive documents and antique or sentimental photographs can also be safely stored whilst you are travelling.

Depending on who you rent to, you may need to make changes to furniture arrangements before you leave. Storing children’s beds, furniture or toys may be necessary prior to renting your property out to young professionals, for example.

Chance to Declutter

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Before going travelling, packing up your valuables ready for storage is a great chance to declutter. By selling unwanted items, you can top up your spending money for travelling. Decluttering is also a good opportunity to offer items to friends or family, or to donate to charity. When you come back from travelling, you’ll be pleased to return to a clutter free home, proving that the time you spent donating and selling prior to leaving was worthwhile.

Having a clear out before you travel will leave you with more space for all the souvenirs, artwork and treasures that you return home with, too!

Cheap Storage Rooms Fareham

From a few valuable items to the entire contents of your home, we have cheap storage rooms to suit every budget. From small 12 sq ft lockers to 200 sq ft units, you can select exactly the right storage room for your needs.

Stop and Store is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm, and with an online booking service it couldn’t be easier to arrange the right storage unit for you. Every unit is secure, and with 24 hour CCTV and an intruder alarm, you can be assured that your possessions are in safe hands.

At Stop and Store, we understand that you have enough to pay for before you go travelling. For most of our cheap storage rooms there’s no deposit to pay, and we also offer three months storage for half the usual price. You could put these savings towards an excursion or luxury meal whilst you are away.

Extra Services for Easy Self Storage

Stop and Store will soon be stocking packing materials to make storing your items easier and safer. From boxes to wrapping materials including bubble wrap and tape, we can help you keep your valuables in perfect condition. Our staff can also advise on choosing the correct sized storage room depending on the amount you need to store. You may choose to pack some items, including clothes and bedding, in vacuum storage bags to make the most of the space in your storage unit.

Flexible Contracts

At Stop and Store Storage Fareham, we understand that going travelling is an opportunity to live freely, forget deadlines and live for the moment. We understand that whilst you’re away your plans might change, and that’s why we offer flexible contracts for our cheap storage rooms. There’s no long term commitment and we offer month to month contracts meaning you can extend the length of your storage contract from abroad if you decide to extend the duration of your trip.

Book Today

There’s never been a better time to get organised before you travel. Trust Stop and Store Fareham to store your personal possessions securely, leaving you free to enjoy all the adventures the world has to offer.

With no deposit to pay, there’s no need to wait to tick this job off your check list. Call us today or book one of our cheap storage rooms online now.