To have the freedom to travel is an exhilarating feeling. Whether it’s a short trip or long trip, each time we travel there is something new to see. Just getting out of our own environments expands the mind and is good for the soul. Self storage unit rental.

The last year or so has been difficult for all of us, and world travel has been severely curtailed as a result. The fact that nature has taken a rest from human activity and less jets have polluted our skies are just two of the good things that come out of it.

The good news is that travel is back!

You may have to be guided by the green or amber light system the Government has designed for you, but for sure the green lights will be coming on at an increasing rate soon. This bodes well for travelers.  Of course, green lights are good to go, and if you are fully vaccinated it means that no quarantine is needed when returning from amber list countries.

This gives you a newfound freedom. Even International cruises are on the go if you fancy one of those, it’s an opportunity for some real relaxation and fun.

It means that you can do your travel arrangements and travel on an increasing scale as the restrictions change. Even if you travel a lot just for work, self storage also works very well. It’s especially good for those living in small apartments that they want to keep free of clutter.

Self storage plays a big role in the lives of traveling people. Whether it’s for work or leisure, renting a self storage unit to keep your possessions secure will ensure that you have a trip that is free of any worry about your things back home.

By renting a self storage unit all kinds of sports gear, seasonal items and accessories that are only used occasionally, like bicycles.

Storage Tips from Stop & Store

If you are wondering if self storage is the right way to go when you are traveling, here are some great tips that will answer all of those questions in your mind. It will also help you do the sums to find out what the financial benefit will be when you rent a self storage unit for the duration of your travels.

One-stop Storage Location

For extensive and regular work travelers, the advantage of a central storage location like a self storage unit is that your possessions are not spread over a wide area.  It also helps you not carry any extra baggage with you, so that you can simply use the services of a small apartment for a period, living simply and then moving on. In this way you don’t have to find a way to take it all with you, which is very cumbersome.

As a traveler to regular places, you can store the items that you think you will need at that location. For example, if it has a good fishing spot and fishing is your hobby, by renting a self storage unit in that area you can safely keep your boat and fishing gear there until your next visit.

Self Storage offers Great Protection

It’s always a worry when you leave your valuables behind when you are traveling. Anything could happen: an unscrupulous thief could break in, an electrical fault could cause a fire, you just don’t know, because there is no one to look after your things.

When you leave these in a self storage unit, it is the responsibility of the storage facility to look after them. At Stop & store Penrith, the premises are monitored by means of CCTV cameras which are centrally controlled to ensure the safety of the self storage units.

We take security very seriously as it’s our job to protect the contents of each unit. No access is allowed to anyone that is not authorized to enter. It means that you can enjoy your holiday or work travels without having to worry about the safety of your possessions.

Compare Self Storage Prices

If you are renting a storage unit for more than two months you are likely to get a discount from some of the more progressive self storage facilities. Work out how long you will need a self storage unit for and then do the sums. It will come as a very pleasant surprise to find how affordable self-storage can be.

Certainly, self storage beats a rental apartment hands down. The other advantage that is that self storage facilities have different sized storage units. At Stop & Store Penrith our insulated container units are thermally regulated to protect your goods. They are all approximately 60 sq foot in size, ideal for the storage or enough to fill a two bed apartment.

Stop & Store Penrith self storage offers dependable facilities that are affordable and secure as well. Storing with us will ensure that your goods are completely secure while you are traveling.

Are You Leaving on a Jet Plane?

When you decide to travel again you will have a lot on your mind, especially getting started again under the new travel rules. You will have to think about many things related to your trip. Let’s hope you have had your double jab so that that side of the issue is cleared up. On the other side, take the step to secure your valuables in self storage for the duration of your time away. It’s the right thing to do.

Rent a Storage Unit

Ask Stop & Store Penrith about an incentive when you rent a storage unit with us. Then go online to get your unit. It’s a simple as that: you don’t have to go anywhere, and it can be done the same day, and you will have access.

The good news is that no deposit is required, and the contracts are month-to-month.

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