When a crisis occurs at home, immediate action is required. Take a few examples: A pipe bursts in the house, and electrical short circuit occurs, the lights go out and water starts running down the passage.

This becomes an emergency. If this sounds familiar, then you will know who to call. And its not ghostbusters! It’s your faithful repair person.

Call him a tradesman, tradie or repair person, this is when you need him the most. And he must come in a hurry because you have trouble on your hands.

These are special kinds of people, tough and able to attend to any kind of crisis. They respond to your call, rush over to you, and are prepared to do the dirty work. From broken sewers to fixing the leak on the top of your roof, you name it. You can rely on them to come to your rescue every time.

We have to respect the work they do and admire their skill and somewhat difficult life they must lead. Their time is not theirs; it belongs to their clients who need them when there is a problem. They have to drop everything they are doing and heed the distress call.

At Stop & Store Penrith we know our tradesmen very well. They are our clients, and they use self storage units to keep their materials and use us as a base. We are a critical part of their lives, and their success is based on how efficiently they can run their day. And self storage is one less thing for them to worry about.

As we will see they have many headaches to attend to during the course of their day. Fortunately, where to keep their stock safely is not one of them.

A Day in The Life of a Tradesman

Come rain or shine, freezing snow or excessive heat, the tradesman has to do his work. His van is the office he spends most of his day in, his personal assistant is his mobile. In the background is someone giving him backup, perhaps his partner, getting the customer’s money in.

Getting up early is standard practice. A convenient location for the storage of materials is necessary, as picking up materials is the first call of the day.

Off to the first job, on call already, which when done, he will proceed to the second one. In between the customer is in contact, the mobile is busy, he has to be polite even when up a ladder and it’s raining.

When the work is done towards the end of the day, and the sweat and grime has been removed, he still has work to do. In the office to address quotes for new work that customers are wanting, the administration is also part of the business.

And on top of it all, when he eventually lays his head on the pillow, he is still on call, expecting the unexpected.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tradesman Gets Going

Being in your own business is tough. As a tradesman he will only earn money when he is actually fixing something. In between there is so much preparation that is not chargeable. Like collecting the tools and materials for the job, preparing the work area on site, doing the admin later.

Building a good reputation is one of the most important aspects of the sustainability of this business. A tradie has to be patient and polite and respect the client’s premises in which he works. And on top of it all he must do an excellent job, fixing the problem as quickly as possible.

Then of course there is the dangerous and physical side. Not all work is conducted in a safe situation, and some jobs can be very taxing on the body. Being fit is a requirement, and tiredness is bound to set in at times.

Scratches and injuries are part of a day’s work, and strength is often called for. Kind of makes one appreciate your repair person, not so.

Location, Location

The Stop & Store Penrith self storage is located right on the A66, a short distance from the town. This is perfect for tradesmen, as most jobs are likely to be within the immediate radius of the storage facility.

With so many parts of the job to be balanced, it’s little wonder that a handyman needs to be well disciplined and highly organized. Just balancing materials and having a settled place to work from is crucial. That’s why self storage fits the bill.

Self storage is one less headache to worry about among the many things that could go wrong on site. Like one of the tradesmen drilling through a pipe by mistake, waiting for other tradespeople to finish so that the job at hand can be completed.

Having happy clients is top of the list, and just like we at Stop & Store believe, customer service is top priority. This ultimately determines the Company’s reputation. Client reviews are a reflection of what ours is and we are proud of our excellent service record.

Grow With Self Storage

Tradesmen that have a service business across a wide area and employ others have the advantage of finding a storage unit in many other areas as well, thereby enabling the expansion of the business.

Self storage provides a great amount of freedom from being tied into a long lease like the traditional warehouse way. Here, the commitment is monthly, meaning that if the occupier wants to move on then he can do so at the end of the month without an onerous obligation to face.

Stop & Store Penrith storage facility invests in state-of-the-art security, with systems designed to give the occupiers maximum protection. When booking, we consider your security. Do your booking online by simply getting in touch or through our website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Go to https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/ or call us at 01768 800291 when you need to arrange storage for your business.