In what feels like a matter of moments, your home can feel cluttered. Ornaments on every surface and toys everywhere you look can begin to feel like a weight on your shoulders. The problem is often that you no longer have space for these items, but can’t bear to part with them. Consolidating your unused but still loved items into a storage facility near you could be the answer. Create space at home with the reassurance that your items are being stored securely in a personal storage unit.cut out letters spelling declutter



Declutter By Room

If the whole house is beginning to feel cramped, taking a room by room approach is wise. It is likely that there are things in every room that are rarely used. Packing these items away safely can free up cupboard and surface space to leave you with rooms that look and feel more like a sanctuary.

  • Kitchen

You may have several kitchen appliances that you never have time to use. Bread machines, food processors, and blenders all take up a lot of space on work surfaces or in the cupboard, but may not see much usage. Placing them into storage means that you don’t have to part with them forever and can reinstate them at home when you have time to enjoy them again.

  • Dining and Living Room

Although having a dining table might seem necessary, after a long day at work many of us choose to eat dinner in front of the TV. However, a table takes up a lot of space for something only used once in a blue moon. Moving your table to a storage unit could give you a whole room’s worth of space! When you need your table back for Christmas or a family celebration, you can easily retrieve it from your chosen storage facility.

The living room can quickly become a repository for all of life’s activities. Toys, books, furniture and even bikes can find themselves piling up in the main living space. Ironically, this room should be a place of calm and somewhere you can unwind. Clearing out any items that are rarely used can open this room back up again.

With a wealth of choice from TV or music streaming services, your DVDs and CDs may now be obsolete. These items can hold a lot of sentimental value, and you may not ever want to part with your collection. As they can require a lot of space, placing them into storage could free up a whole cupboard or shelving unit at home.

If you choose to redecorate your living room, a colour change may mean a complete overhaul of furniture including the sofa. You may also want to replace curtains or other soft furnishings. If these are still in good condition, placing them into storage is an ideal solution. Budget storage offers the opportunity to keep hold of items that are in good condition in case you should want them in future. If you have children, these items could be required when they set up their own first home.

kitchen with breakfast bar and marble top

  • Spare Bedroom

Many of us are guilty of using a spare bedroom as a dumping ground. Ski-wear, baby clothes, exercise bikes, and spare furniture can all be found in this room. By moving items out of your home and into a cheap storage room, you could create a beautiful guest bedroom or give it a brand new purpose. With the new space you could create a library, home office, or family cinema without doing any building work.

  • Children’s Bedrooms

Children can quickly outgrow clothing, furniture, books, and toys. Holding onto these items can make financial sense but finding somewhere to store them at home can seem impossible. Moving the old cot or much loved, but outgrown toys helps to preserve items for any future children. It also allows you to hold on to items that hold sentimental value.

  • Loft

A loft provides a brilliant storage space. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for it to become jam-packed. This makes it difficult to retrieve anything. Christmas decorations, camping equipment, and sports gear can all be stored in your local self storage facility until you need them. This will give you more space to move safely around your loft to retrieve the items that you need more frequently. Some items, including books, do not cope well with extremes of temperature or a damp environment. A climate-controlled storage unit will better preserve the condition of any precious novels or artwork.

  • Shed or Garage

Even the biggest outside storage areas can quickly become full. Garden furniture, bikes, and golfing equipment take up a surprising amount of space. Moving seasonal items like parasols or barbeques into storage ensures you can still easily access other items within your shed or garage more easily, saving you hassle and stress.

How Can Stop and Store Help?

At Stop and Store in Fareham, we have a range of storage units available in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets. Ranging in size from 12 to 200 square feet, our units are clean, dry and secure. Monitored CCTV, intruder alarms and individually alarmed units can give you peace of mind that your possessions are in the safest hands.

Located within the Fareham Shopping Centre, you can access your unit from 8am to 8pm seven days a week. There is easy access for loading and unloading your goods. Short term storage is available for just one month, and contracts can extend for as long as you require. We even sell packing supplies to make moving in even easier.  messy workshop and vice

Make Storage as Simple as Possible

There is an art to storing your possessions and careful planning is key. Write an inventory of everything you need to store, and pack in a methodical manner. Try to keep similar items together and label every box clearly. On move-in day, try to draw a plan of where each box is located. If you should need to retrieve an item, finding it should be more straightforward.

It can be helpful to pack into clear plastic boxes. This way, the contents of each box is obvious. When you unload into your storage room, remember to leave a path, or paths, between the boxes to make it easier to get to boxes at the back. 

Whether you live in Portchester, Wickham, or Titchfield, see how Stop and Store in Fareham could help you consolidate your clutter.