Every self storage unit need clearing out from time to time, not necessarily because of the accumulation of dust and other bits of dirt, but also because you may wish to sort through the belongings you have stored there to see if you really do still need them. After all, you don’t want to carry on paying rent for a storage unit you may no longer need, and you also need to take stock of what belongings you have in your storage unit and start planning for what you intend doing with them.

Cleaning Out Your Self Storage Unit

The extent of this clean out will depend on why you hired your self storage unit in the first place. The circumstances of your life may have changed.

  • You moved in with your partner and you placed your duplicate furniture items in storage as you did not wish to make a hasty decision as to what to do with them.
  • Or maybe you and your partner have split up through divorce and you needed to downsize in a hurry.
  • Deciding to store your excess stuff in a self storage unit could have proved a lifesaver in either of these situations. Instead of making decisions about what to do with your belongings in a hurry, placing them in self storage unit would buy you the time so that when you finally decide what to do with your belongings, you are emotionally stronger, and you are able to make these important decisions with a cool head.
  • If you have had your self storage unit for a long time you may have forgotten what you put in it and whether you even still need the stuff you stored there.
  • Your self storage unit may be part of a deceased estate where the contents of the deceased’s house have been stored until such time as you, as the executor or beneficiary of the estate, are ready to sort through everything. There may be some valuable antiques in amongst the furniture so don’t be in too much of a hurry to get rid of everything. It may even be a possibility to hire a smaller storage space for a month or so to keep these together safely while you arrange for them to be valued by a specialist.

A good spring clean can be done while you clear out this space. You will be able to inspect your goods for any damage from moisture and mildew, or if any moths or other pests have found their way into your goods. These problems can be dealt with if you find them.

Unfortunately out of sight often means out of mind as far as stuff in a self storage unit is concerned, so an effective clear-out is probably overdue as it will enable you to separate what you wish to keep from the stuff you need to get rid of.

How to prepare for the cleanout of your self storage unit

  • Make an inventory of everything that is stored in your unit if you do not already have one. If there are boxes and they haven’t been labelled, you may have to check each one and make a note of the contents.
  • You will need to make some space for yourself to work in, so pack the boxes along the walls of the storage unit.
  • Remove any furniture you wish to get rid of and either donate it to your favourite charity or put it up for sale online. This will also help clear space for you to sort through your smaller belongings packed in your boxes.
  • If you have inherited the contents of a self storage unit, or you are cleaning one out for someone else, you will most probably need to look in each box and make an inventory from scratch. This will take time depending on how much stuff is in the unit.
  • Sort the contents into three piles of what to keep, what to get rid of, and what to sell or donate. You will have to work quickly and neatly as you cannot block anyone else’s unit with your stuff.
  • The Keep Pile will consist of stuff that you are either going to take home with you or continue storing in your unit.
    The Sell pile will consist of what you plan to sell or donate.
    The Chuck or Toss pile will consist of anything that is broken and cannot be repaired, or anything that no-one has any use for.

Why Stop & Store Fareham Can Help You

Hiring a self storage unit is an easy solution to your storage problems, but after a few months or even longer, your unit will surely need a cleanout.

Our units are modern, clean and pest free and are designed to keep your belongings safely without getting damaged.

You can hire a unit from the comfort of your home using our easy-to-use online process. Once you have paid we send you your individual PIN code to access your unit, and you can move your goods in at once.

We do not require you to sign any contracts or pay a deposit. You can hire a unit for as long a period or as short as you like.

Your goods are protected by CCTV surveillance that is monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week. We also have an intruder alarm to warn us if there is any imminent danger.

Our hours of operation are between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, so when you need to clear out your unit you have convenient access hours.

The sizes of our units range from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, large enough to accommodate the contents of a house. We have a handy space calculator to help you work out what size storage unit you need.

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